who do you think has the best stadium in the CFL?

i cant anwser my own question how bout you people

Has anybody on this board even been to every stadium?

Judging from TV only, and I'm obviously biased, I'll go with Edmonton, followed by B.C., Toronto, Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and (maybe soon) Ottawa.


Hmm, tossup between Commonwealth or a sold-out Mosaic/Taylor Field as seen on TV for me....

in order to answer this, you'd have to be able to determine what you mean by "best".

I judged based on the 'look' of the stadium when football action is on

"Best" ? Do you the design or the fans???
Design: Toronto
Fans: Stamps/Roughriders

Been to every stadium except Montreal so my answer is Commonwealth.

59,000 strong at BC Place

Ive been to about half the stadiums, they all seem to have a slightly different flavour to them, so i'll give my best shot at a ranking.

In order of best to worst:

  1. Edmonton -nicest overall stadium, although would be louder and closer to the action without the track.
  2. BC - The dome takes away from the atmosphere but it's not a bad building.
  3. Calgary - Probably the best sightlines in the league. The concourse is extremely small and outdated though.
  4. Hamilton - Lots of history at Ivor Wynn, never been there but it looks good for an older stadium.
  5. Saskatchewan - Nothing special about the stadium, good sightlines and great atmosphere at the games.
  6. Toronto - They'd probably be at or near the top of my list had they gone to the outdoor stadium. Domes are good if they are full, they look silly being at half capacity.
  7. Winnipeg - Atmosphere is very good but the stadium is showing it's age.
  8. Montreal - I think it will be pretty nice after the supposed renovations take place.

anything “Edmonton” is better… stadium, players, cheerleaders, coaching, lockerroom facilities, media, plumbing, etc etc etc

If that is the case, then why have the Esks been in the basement all season long?

I'm picking Taylor Field, its a totally biased pick. A couple of friends and I are talking about going to Winnipeg for the banjo bowl, and it would be nice to take in a couple of games at other stadiums, like McMahon and Commonwealth.

I've been to Ottawa, Montreal's 'Big Owe', and Toronto's Skydome and Exhibition Park. Of those I always preferred Landsowne Park/Frank Clair Stadium. For Atmosphere Montreal's Molson Stadium and Ivor Wynne in Hamilton look like they would be a fun places to watch a football game.

I agree with Dust on Domes taking away the atmosphere. I've sat thru rainstorms in Ottawa, snowstorms in Buffalo and Late December Frigid temps in Green Bay. And the weather just adds to the atmosphere. There is nothing like an outdoor Football game on a nice fall day.

Ivor Wynn is hands down my favourite stadium to go to of all the places I have been in both the US and Canada. It's not the prettiest, the biggest, the most comfortable or luxurious, but the football history atmosphere just can't be matched anywhere I've been. You can just smell the roots of football when you walk into that place.

I agree with Dust that Edmonton is a great stadium, except for that track. One of the 1000 things I must do before I die is see a game in Saskatchewan.

Commonwealth with 60,000 has gotta be the best. Personally I've only been to Rogers, Ivor Wynne, Big O and Molson Stade. I'd say Ivor Wynne is the best out of those for a football game. My guess would be that all the western stadiums are like bigger Ivor Wynnes, with Common Wealth being the mother of them all. I'd say BC is the worst cause its like a Rogers centre minus the retractable roof.

I've been all across the Eastern Conference (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton).

Skydome, definately a place to see. It is beautiful, especially when the roof is open and you see the CN Tower, towering the dome.

Frank Clair, really like the small town of Ottawa. It's so different compared to the big cities like Montreal and Toronto. Fans are so friendly there, but not the nicest stadium to watch a ball game.

Ivor Wynne, I had a blast when I've been there. The fans are crazy. I went with my Montreal jersey, and got heckled, but all in fun. Unlike Toronto, where I felt threatened by their remarks and fans. Luckily, I'm a mixed martial artist, so I wasn't intimidated :rockin:

Montreal, Montreal. On a nice summer night, I don't think anything can beat Percival Molson stadium. You got the amazing view of Downtown, you're on top of the hill, on McGill campus, you got the best looking women in the country. The fans are a ton of fun as well. Also the Olympic Stadium, when theres 50,000+ yeling their guts out, and you feel the not so safe walls of the stadium shake, it makes the hair on your neck stand.

It's hard to say which of those are the best, they are so different. But one thing they all have in common, is that it's the home of the best game in the world.

Ivor Wynne, I had a blast when I've been there. The fans are crazy. I went with my Montreal jersey, and got heckled, but all in fun. Unlike Toronto, where I felt threatened by their remarks and fans. Luckily, I'm a mixed martial artist, so I wasn't intimidated :rockin:

Thats funny cause Ivor Wynne used to be a way rougher joint than the sterile environment at Skydome.

Just from seeing on TV I think Commonwealth looks the nicest, I can't make any other opinions because I've never been to any other stadiums.

I saw Taylor Field from a distance when I was in Regina a few years ago.

When I was in Calgary in 2001 I walked by McMahon a few times, looked nice from the outside.

I like CanadInns, but it needs to be either renovated or rebuilt, the stadium debate issue has dragged on long enough I don't really care which one happens. Renovate..keep community ownership, build anew..private ownership. Doesn't matter to me as long as I can watch some damn football!

Well, in Hamilton, I was around older fans, 35+ years old. In Toronto, I was in the top section, with all the young fans... Actually, they were pretty pathetic all around. One guy, 23 years old I would say, threw a bag of pop corn at a lady and her son, just "for fun" Another kid, was showing his nipple ring all night, and saying some things he shouldn't. I would say he could of got punched out about 3 times...

That was my experience though. I've been to the Skydome 3 times, and Ivor Wynne once.

ryoon im sorry to tell you but there are 5 teams in the eastern conference now..