Who do you pick?

OK Bob Young has reportedly said he can offer Doug $250,000 plus whatever he is going to pay Darren. I don't know - is Flutie coming to [hack-phoey]Hamilton[/hack-phoey] really going to make a difference there? They almost had sellouts all last season and are already on track for bettering that this year. Wouldn't they be better keeping the best running back in the league last season happy? Makes me wonder.

Troy Davis had a good season last year. I don't agree that he is the best running back in the league though. Let's wait and see if he can put up the same numbers this season before we start crowning him with that title. There are some good backs in this league that are worthy of that consideration. Charles Roberts, John Avery and Kenton Keith just to name a few.

Please, don't put "John Avery" and "good backs" in the same sentence. He's Toronto's weakest link and even Montreal has about three backs better than him.

The only time he gets yardage is when there's a 15 yards wide hole in front of him. Then only can he run up his average per carry. A good back can get you first downs on a regular basis.

I do agree that he had an extremely poor season last year. I followed it with some interest last year and felt that he came back too soon from knee surgery and the Argo's did not use him properly. He can't gain yard if they don't give him the ball. The fact that he was rehabbing a knee injury had a lot to do with it. The year before that he was in Minnesota returning kicks for the Vikings and the year before that he led the CFL in rushing despite not getting the starting job until week 4 of the season.

I guess I can concede that he may never regain that form again, although I think I am accurate when I say that there were a lot of dissapointed Eskimo fans when he didn't resign here.

I'll bite. Who would you insert/add to that group I mentioned?