Who Do You People Want?

Ok, Ive sat here and read countless threads, listened to countless people at the game last night and countless phonecalls on the radio say...

"Blow it up, we need new coaches"

Well dont be vague, be honest... Who the heck do you want in here MID SEASON that wou will be happy with for next year and seasons to come?

1st Choice: Charlie Taaffe

GONE, Signed 2 weeks ago with a college team.

THATS IT PEOPLE. That was the only suggestion I had and he is gone (for now). You cant go hiring other team's co-ordinators because believe it or not, other teams are in a playoff race.

I challenge 1 person on this site to come up with a reasonable coaching staff that you can instill THIS week before Labour day...

Head Coach:
Offensive Co-Ordinator:
Defensive Co-Ordinator:
Special Teams Coach:

I hate to break it to everyone but it probably wont happen. There are not championship callibre coaches just sitting around doing nothing, waiting to be called by our Ticats.

So to all the people saying "BLOW IT UP.. WE NEED OUR NEW COACHES NOW!!!!!!!!!!" I say...

"Unless you have an idea who to bring in here, and and justify why they should be our coaching staff for the future... There's no point in screaming for change"

GM: Mike McCarthy
HC: Ron Lancaster
OC: Jason Maas (interim, or just refer to him as “The Playcaller”)
DC: Deke McPhee
Special Teams Coach: Jenna Elfman

I know Jenna Elfman is the wildcard here, but she IS special. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Good post Crash. Perhaps hire a GM now, move Katz over to the business side of the office, then give the GM time to evaluate the current team and begin a coach search. At least it is a start to some form of respectibility.

oh, I forgot. Begin planning a retirement party for Lancaster and advise all coordinators and coaches to not sign any long term leases on their living accomodations.

I support your special teams choice !! And let me add Leslie Stewart for the OC (promote from within the organization).

Win or Lose... at least we'll look good and give me a reason to go to the game.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

ok crash, you asked for it --- Demote pao poa, make him recievers coach, make lancaster dust of his 1966 playbook, that will be interesting at least. move katz out of any football portfollio, and give it to macarthy(sp)-

Kent Austin is familiar with Paopao's system, but I believe he's still collecting a cheque from the blue team. I seriously doubt he would be interested in coming here as a rent-a-coordinator.

If the Barrett-Tillman experiment goes south, I think Austin may very well wind up there as head coach in 2007. We shall see.

We do not have a receivers coach who could step in since Paopao's results have done the talking. Having Maas call the plays for the remainder of the season wouldn't hurt at this point since Paopao is predictable in his conservatism.

That is the only quick fix on the field I could see apart from a Deke McPhee promotion given the fact Taaffe is not in the mix now. That would likely mean new guys would need to step in on an interim basis to help.

Sad but true.

Oski Wee Wee,

  1. Lancaster doesnt have a playbook.
  2. You didnt name an offensive co-ordinator

i think we should bring danny mac back to run the offense

Right now? He's still playing.

The only change I think we should make is Jason Maas. He has had enough time to show what he has and here in Hamilton it is not good and he has lost his confidence. Start Eakin or Williams, I don't care. Whoever it is they will have 7 games to show what they have. In fairness to Maas, the offence that came from Ottawa was taylor made
for Joseph and Maas is not a "Joseph" type player. We have not tried to change the offense towards maas' strengths, instead we have time after time tried to make him do things he really is not comfortable doing.

Recruitment of quality leadership is the same challenge facing every business type. The best are almost always employed and are constantly being wooed. It should not be the customers responsibility to dictate whom is going head the organizational chart.
The customers are merely stating their frustration of the product. They are demanding some commitment from the ownership to hasten the search as a sign of good faith to continue their support of the organization.
With 4 home games to go, prepaid customers are not going to receive value for their financial support.
A good example is just down the road in Toronto. The Raptors were just awful and were in the same circumstance. They wooed a quality leadership figure in Bryan Colangelo, whom was currently employed at about the same point in their season as we are in now. He made very few changes during the remainder of the season, but the customers remained to support the team due to the increased optimism that improvements are forthcoming, and this off season has been a whirlwind of exciting changes that have all fans filled with anticipation.
That being said, the cats need to agressivly seek quality leadership by offering a complete turnover of operations, free of internal politics, to present an exciting challenge to a quality leader.
As a devoted Ticat customer, I feel that this search is not occuring and we are content in playing out the string with interim leadership, whom clearly do not want this responsibility.
Based on this the season ticket holders are justified in saying they do not wish to renew for next year, as they are being offered anything to support their short term losses.

Re crash, 1. Lancaster doesnt have a playbook.
2. You didnt name an offensive co-ordinator
ill respond to both Lancaster take over the O and impliment his 1966 playbook, im sure he,d have a copy still??

Tom Clements for HC

He's quarterback coach for the Green Bay Packers. Pretty good coin, pretty good "protege" :wink:.

One observation: Why would he want to be run out of town twice???

Oski Wee Wee,

OC- Charlie Wytche
DC- Greg Marshall from Winterpeg
HC- Kent Austen
ST- Archie Amerson (how bad could he be)

I think the operative term was "available now." Austin is collecting a cheque now and is no moron walking into a situation without a GM backing him up (read Tillman in Sask. if Barrett is replced for 2007).

Marshall is under contract in Winnipeg and is not available now.

Oski Wee Wee,

Get Matt Dunigan as the OC.

I prepared this reply to a comment in another post, but I don't remeber which one it was, so I'll just post it here.

I understand the sentiment, Jim but IMO we've got a dramatically different situation than Sask (or Toronto). And it requires a much different approach.

The Riders could afford to replace the GM mid-season because the new GM doesn't have to do much this season. The RRs are middle of the pack and will make the playoffs so Tillman can leave the current coaching staff and most of the roster in place, use the rest of the season to figure out what he's got and who he can work with from the inside, and then begin to put his mark on the team in the off-season.

The Argos could replace Austin mid-season because, again, they didn't need major changes this year, especially with Allen (a QB that doesn't need an OC to run his offense) ready to come back. Austin, they decided, couldn't win without Allen and Allen is in his final year, so they decided they didn't need Austin.

The Ticats are an entirely different story because the problems are so much deeper and much more drastic action is needed.

I believe there's enough talent on the roster that, with a few tweaks and some healthy bodies back, we can compete with most teams most nights. I'm one of those people that thinks that the management structure on the football side and bad coaching are the root of the problem and the lack of strong leadership on the roster is a minor problem amplified by a leadership vacuum elsewhere in the organization. I've never given Mr. Young a free pass for being so gosh-darned cute and cuddly - I absolutely believe he is committed to doing the right thing, but there is a world of difference between wanting to do the right thing and knowing what to do, and he hasn't yet demonstrated that he knows what to do. My comments will stick to football management and coaching.

If seems likely that Mr. Young has already decided to replace Katz - see Young's recent comments about the experiment not working, and his reminding us that Katz is an interim GM. My guess is that Katz is given a new title elsewhere in the organization.

No decent GM candidate is going to want to join a team in a free-fall midseason because it is too late to do anything about it this year from the GM chair.

The team is going to have to adopt a more conventional structure next year - GM picks his head coach, coach picks his assistants. (Accountability up the org chart - hmmm, now there's an idea - I guess that's why that pesky structure evolved as the norm.) That means that likely the entire coaching staff will be replaced.

Therein lies the problem - if you need a new GM, his head coach, and the HC's crop of assistants, you are looking at an off-season project. Lots of the best candidates already have jobs and you don't want to be forced to work only with what's left. You can throw out names all you like - Taffe, the other Marshall, whoever - but what decent coach is going to want to join a team that is going to blow up it's coaching staff in twelve weeks without guarantees and, if the Cats are going to have accountability in the org, they shouldn't give guarantees to anyone below the GM level. And then you've got the problem of having Teflon Ron right in the middle of this mess - he casts one of the longest, darkest shadows in the league and no one wants to further humiliate a legend.

So, where does that leave us this year? - in a mess unfortunately. Band-aids are not gonna work at this point - the organization structure was built as some bizarre Frankenstein experiment, and the head needs to be lopped off. If you want to see it built right next time, you might just have to accept that they may have to make the best of what they 've got this year.

I'm not saying do nothing - I'm just saying don't do anything that will tie your hands next year. In terms of the GM and coaches, don't settle for less than the best that will be available in the off-season, and don't guarantee anyone anything past the end of the season.

Finally, they should keep the beer cold, the music at reasonable levels, the fighting at a minimum and don't allow the coach or players, as frustrated as they are and should be, to treat the third parties that support this organization (fans, media, etc.) like idiots.

Lancaster- head coach AND offensive coordinator until the end of the season

Rob Hithcock- player coach - defensive coordinatoe

Special teams - as is

Look I know we can't get anyone decent on short notice BUT .......


I'd like to see Maas call his own plays and work with Lancaster before I give up on him but I'd also like to see Eakin play as well. I recall Wilkinson and Jonas alternating every other series regardless of the results in Toronto before the went to Edmonton and Winnipeg respectively. It was REALLY effective and kept BOTH on their toes. On a side note it was the aquisition of Joe Thiesman that broke up this combo NOT results.