Who do you like in the Canadian Draft of 2010??

i will admit wasnt paying attention to that :roll: lol sorry! I was probably paying attention to the OL more. I would think that Montoya would be a great pick in that case, but he may not be there at our first pick.

sadly, i now recall know of Pavlovic, and knowing that he played FB for use.

Duane Forde Think Obie will Move up in Draft to 1st Round ..

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/ Look to the Right and Click the Video at the top

That Greenwood kid is pretty impressive. Good speed for a LB. Pretty athletic #s across the board. Could be good to be grooming another Canadian LB. Can’t say I’ve seen him play though. Maybe I can find some Stinger’s games o-line.

The Cats seem to be loaded at the more traditional NI positions of OL & Rec. so I don't foresee many picks at those position groups. Maver (K/P), Bodnar (P), Williams (LB/DE), Greenwood (LB), Turner (KR/Rec) look good to me. As always in Obie we trust! I read somewhere that Williams did one-on-one's with the LB's & DL's any word on how well he did at each position? Any chance the QB's get drafted?