Who do you like in the Canadian Draft of 2010??

Who do Ti-Cat fans like in the Canadian Draft of potential young players who can add some talent to this years version of the Tiger-Cats??

I like this player J'Michael Deane (OL) from Michigan State, currently an Offensive Lineman with good size at 6'5" and 312 lbs, I think that this guy could play both ways on Offense Line and Defensive Line, good size, good speed, strong athlete, I think Deane could have the potential to play with the Cats.

Also, Joe Eppele (OL) at Washington State 6'8" and 306 lbs I think another great potential for Offensive Lineman.

I would like to see Ti-Cats come away with a couple of Defensive or Offensive Lineman or players who can go both ways, certainly if a player has that size and good hustle (speed) they would have that potential of being a good dual player something every team needs.


So, i have just found out that there is a National Invite COmbine (something like that) being held the same weekend as the ECamp. does anyone want to provide more info for that?

I like Cory Greenwood LB, Eddie Steele DL, John Bender OL, and Corey Watson WR.Doubt the Ticat's will end up with any of them but I heavily trust Obie's judgement over my own :slight_smile:

The Cats have a 2nd,4th and 5th round pick currently. If they can get Rob Maver, the punter from Guelph, I think it will be a successful draft. Anything after that would be gravy, in my humble opinion. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

The real answer to the question asked here is anyone that Obie feels can help the team most out of those still available. Even though CFL teams only draft up to 6 guys at most each year the teams go into a draft with a list at least 30 names deep. This is because you never know who will still be there to grab.

This is not a year the Cats need to add much young talent. We already have 4 first round guys from the last 3 years of drafting. I think unless Obie gets an offer he can't refuse that he will be happy to not have a 1st round pick this year.

I know he isn't Canadian but McDaniel is an immense young talent. I see great things in his talent. Lots of heart and great hands. Him and Stala inside make a deadly combo.

With regards to the National Invite Combine, check out this thread started by Duane Forde on cisfootball.org:

[url=http://www.cisfootball.org/forums/showthread.php?p=92842&mode=linear#post92842]http://www.cisfootball.org/forums/showt ... #post92842[/url]

And this is the best part of this year's draft...that we're not picking first.

The Guelph punter would be a nice fit.

I think the Stamps will draft Maver, as they are the ones that have a first round pick and need a placekicker. If they don't pick Maver, I'm not sure who will take the place of DeAngelis there.

But I expect punter Chris Bodnar to be available once it's our turn to draft. Duane Forde said Bodnar "lacks Maver's hang time and placekicking prowess but is solid in terms of his punting distance and direction, which is critical on the Canadian field" in this article: http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/duane_forde/?id=291296

There is another article on Bodnar here: http://coachzauner.blogspot.com/2009/09 ... gfoot.html

And here: http://coachzauner.blogspot.com/2009/06 ... tawan.html

At this point, Bodnar is better as a punter, so he'll fit in here.

You can be sure the Calgary football ops have been working on a replacement since DeAngelis refused to resign there. I doubt Maver will even go in the first round as I can never remember a kicker being drafted at all in several years. Maybe I'm wrong..

Pretty much every Canadian kicker has gone undrafted and signed as a free agent. Maybe Maver is that good though.. I have not followed CIAU for a couple years.

The last time a kicker was drafter the first round was in 2007, when the Esks picked Warren Kean. And they used the first round pick to take him according to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_CFL_Draft

And the year before, the Riders picked Congi with the second round pick, according to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_CFL_Draft

Those are reasons I wouldn't be surprised if Maver gets drafted in the first round.

I thought we didn't pick until round 3. Where did we get the second round pick from?

Pat's right. The Cats have picks in the 2nd, 4th and 5th rounds -- the 12th, 28th and 37th overall.
Here's the Draft Order with some explanation on the traded picks:


Thanks BYF for the links to stories on Chris Bodnar. I like what I read. A good punter with promise as a kicker too, practising daily with the CFL's best placekicker ..... sounds good!

E-Camp starts tomorrow with drills and testing, cant wait to look at what everyone does.... i definately think TSN should be broadcasting this stuff (i just miss having football) but i know it wouldnt happen

Drew From Spec will be there
He said he be blogging live from there..
I love to go but it closed to the Public.

I like to see punter taken with 2 Pick

Then Maybe a D-Lineman and CB and Canadian WR.

Laurier RB Montoya broke the E-camp record for bench reps.Methinks he could be the powerhouse FB we so desperately need.

we dont use a fullback is the problem, but could be a good guy for 2nd downs with 60 protections and such

What team were you watching? Williams or Pavlovic was in on virtually every running play. Sometimes both.

Adam Dunk, could still be available, would convert to CB :cowboy:

Apparently this kid kicks outstanding field goals.Kill 2 birds with one stone, or to quote Ricky "get 2 birds stoned at once" :lol: