Who do you hope shines in tonights preseason game?

What players do you hope have a great game tonight and in so doing secures a starting job for themselves?

I hope Porter stands up and stops the "Glenn may start" rumors

I hope one of Stala or Bauman have a great night and we can use an import spot elsewhere (LB)

I hope somebody/anybody steps up as a dangerous punt and kick-off return threat.

I hope David Ball shows that he is the next Darren Flutie/Ben Cahoon and stars for us for the next 10 years

First and foremost, Brandon Guillory. I'm desperate to see an adequate pass rush.

The O-line collectively in the pass protection dept.

Newcomers I want to see shine: Dave Stala, David Ball, Otis Floyd, Dylan Barker.

The D-Line, some of the new receivers, Cobb and Porter.

I like to see a Good Game a Ticats win
Players Making Things tough for our Coaches to make Cuts.
a 10 WIN Season and Home playoff Game

I am not going to be able to make my way from Toronto to the game, does anyone know if the Cogeco feed is available on the Internet at all? I get the feeling it won't be. But it never hurts to ask right?

If not, Y108 it is!

  • paul

ALL of them !!!

Watching Porter and hoping Haley shines at MLB this is a must fill position. :thup:

I want to see shine: Quintin Porter, Dave Stala, David Ball, Otis Floyd, Dylan Barker and Augie and the what the hell the rest of the team.....

If I had to choose just 1 player I'd like to see shine tonight, it'd have to be Otis Floyd. I hope we get the old, determined, hard hitting, trash talking Floyd tonight. :cowboy:

It would be nice if everyone did well, but that is probably not going to be the case.

Personally, I hope we come out of the game healthy, and I would like to see 4 defensive lineman shine, and 3 linebackers shine so we can make a clear decision on who to keep, as I still feel this is our teams weakest area.


I hope Porter stands up and stops the "Glenn may start" rumors
QP for QB! Hope that we don't have any QB Controversy by July 1st. Hoping everyone makes it through injury free... Anyone know if Dylan Barker playing tonight? Last I heard he had hurt ankle at game in the 'peg. Will be good to see him out there.

I hope Dylan Barker shines tonight and one day develop into the best safety in the C.F.L.

I would love to see any of Kirk/Reid/Bekasiak to shine at DT.
I would love to see Bo Smith to shine on the corner.
I would love to see any of Ball/Currie/McDaniel to shine at Receiver
I would love to see Haley shine in the middle.
I would love to see any of or at least two of Guillory/McIntyre/Hickman/ shine on the end.

most importantly...for me anyway

I would absolutely LOVE for Cobb to do some fantastic things and shine on the return game. We haven't had a legitimate return threat on this team in years....YEARS!!! I would love for Cobb to steal the show here.

Oh and I would love for Boltus to throw an 80 yard bomb on a deep slant/post route to a speedy Currie/Ball for the most exciting play for the Cats on offense for the game ball......

I agree with all of this, but I would also like to see Glenn do well. After his performance last week, it would be good to know that we have insurance at QB. What if Porter gets injured or does not do as well as some expect?

And I too would like to see Ball, or perhaps Currie, or maybe James, Willis or McDaniel do well so that the Mitchell release will make more sense. And speaking of Currie, perhaps he or Cobb can be that player who can do well on punt and kickoff returns.

I also agree with all of this, the points made about the DEs NI DTs and in particular. This team needs a pass rush, and hopefully one or more of the rookies on the team can provide it.

I would like to see the entire team do well, but some players in particular really need to do well.

Our Canadian talent at D-Line is hurting.

Very true it would be great for one of these guys to show they are more than space invaders taking up room in the middle of the line!

It would be good to sit down with a great football mind/coach and have them explain what is more important in a 4-3 defense?
3 linebackers that can run, tackle, and cover all over the field
With one non-import in the middle of the D-Line just clogging things up a little and taking on one offensive lineman


Having one steady/solid, unspectacular non-import LB among the 3 LBs
And rotating 5 good Americans through the 4-man D-Line.

I'd like to see the offensive line play with co-hesiveness
I'd like to see one or more slotbacks own the middle of the field 10-20 yards downfield and draw extra coverage
I'd like to see the running backs take advantage of the linebacking corps being forced off the line and the improved offensive line play

On defense I'd like to see pressure from the interior linemen as opposed to an outside rush.
I'd like to see the DBs play tight man to man effectively
I'd like to see a zone that doesn't make countless mistakes leaving recievers uncovered

In general, I'd like to see a team that plays for each other rather than a group that plays only for themselves even if it means a particular player risks not making a big play that might make the difference of making the team or not.

I would like to see alot less penalties called on us for this game tonight.

Hamilton draws almost 100 flags every game. Amazing how the opposing team amnages to keep it down to like 3. Sad how they throw all of this at us and we still almost win. This season “almost” won’t exist anymore, just win. :cowboy:

100 flags ROTFL !00 yards in penalties yes but 100 flags? That would be a minimum of 500 yards, probably closer to 1000 yards. :lol:

Lol, obviously I was over exagerating. The point is, the ratio between Ticats and Opposing penalties is monstrous most of the time. Wether it's our fault, or the refs are total goofs, who knows. :cowboy:
A good example was when we faced Calgary at home last year. We throw a TD pass, there goes a flag. We throw a 40 yard bomb to Rodriguez, there goes a flag. We sack Burris on 2nd down, there goes a flag. We pick Burris off, there goes a flag. Ridiculous, that wasn't even close to half of them. And even then I think the final score was like 27-17 for Calgary, which is pathetic considering all the help the received from the refs.