Who do you hang that loss on

Imo the whole team was terrible . Whats with the Riders,that looked like a team with no emotion .Is there some thing going on behind the scenes ? They seemed pretty dead out there

i know what u mean they somethin must be goin on

Wow they really looked bad. Coaching period! Good teams even with injuries show up for a game do any of you think these guys tried tonight. If you did get that white jacket with the extra long arms and put it on. There is no emotion from this team either they quit palying or there is problems in that dressing room.

I don't think I've ever cried while watching sports before, but last night I was close. If the Riders keep playing without emotion they'll be plenty of emotion coming from me.

Turnovers plain and simple. The whole team needs to improve ball control and finish off drives the right way. There isn't one single guy you can blame. But another perfect game for McCallum so there is one guy you can't.

i blame on the person(s) who said it was NG team!! :shock:

a good coach will have there team ready to play no mater what the curcumstansis are? not nessicarily win but play a competitive game
its painfully obvious over the past years when its time to step up to the plate preform that the riders can talk the talk but cant walk the walk
and its not like we dont have the talent