Who do you feel will take it this year?

With all the big names moving around and crazy changes and cuts that have bin made this year. who do you feel has the best chance at taking the cup this year.. on papper i say we have a great chance in the east for at least a first or second.. but to win it all.. the west is looking strong.

with the disperal draft selections Sask is looking huge this year..!

Calgary's receiving core.. is well i cant even discribe it... amazing none the less they have Burris firing bullets downfeild to them...just plain scarey for any secondary...

Bc on the other hand, coming off an amazing season last year.. has bin quiet this off season and might jus be still water all during there schedual.. espesialy how dave dickenson is so injury prone.. also that printer's isnt here to back him.. not good.

Edmonton, im gunna say this is an odd one to call, sure they took it last year.. but there oline has crinded apart and most of them have went there own way wether it be farming or other things they liked!, no but in all seriouness, if ricky doesnt throw a td pass in a long time like last season i wouldnt count them in for a top stop, but the resigning of jason tucker was huge, i predict not so good things for this team in the season.


On papper, every team right now looks as if there unbeatable...

The Peg, took advantage of some good free agents in Barrin simpson and they really put together a nice defence also the Smith deal? crazy. But my biggest concern for them may be... quarterback? but then again.. its always bin.. quarterback, should be an intersting season for this club, best of luck but i predict not so good for this team.

T.O.. now this is somthing else.. we all know they may be the strongest team out east and things will get ugly if williams desides to join, i feel they've made some good moves on d and there offence is quick and young.. allthough once again theres a concern at quarterback with another eastern team.. can damon do it again! we will find out soon enough

Montreal.. monster team, strong D, great canadian recievers in stala and cahoon, and one hell of a Slinger behind centre. i might say this is there year.

Ticats, then theres us! i wanna predict we take it all! but then im just a die hard fan.lol

but i feel if we can get some chemistry on o-line, and our receiver clickin on all angles, we have a great shot at taken it this year! mass have too many options, at wide out, slot, and the run... should be fun to watch the way our offence is runthis year. my only concern would be defence, not our d-line as i feel we have one of the strongest, but our secondary, jason goss is a lock and will do some damage for us this season but im not so confident that we would last agaisnt teams like calgary or toronto type of offences, and now even sask with joseph firing out.

but in all honesty, im gunna pick our very own Hamilton! just becuz im a hamiltonian born and rised and im proud of my tigercats and suport them 110% wether we go 0-18 or undefeated!!

What are your thoughts and predictions for this season??

eat em raw boys!!

Here I go, out on my limb...

Finish order - Calgary, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, BC
Results - Saskatchewan crushes BC in the West semi-final, only to lose in Calgary in the Western final

Finish order - Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg
Results - Hamilton upsets Toronto in the East semi-final, but can't get past Montreal in the final

Grey Cup: Montreal v. Calgary

Result: Montreal takes it

Here is the way I see the West. I don't think BC has what it takes, the Eskimos will be able to repeat. After all Mass got them to the big show last year. Riders, I believe will be in the hunt, but as always will fall short losing to the Stamps in the western final.

In the East, although I think The Bombers will have a good ride I think they will be the weakest team in the east. As far as the Ti-Cats, Al's and the blue team, it will be a fight for the top three spots with the with the Al's ending up in third and the Ti-Cats in second and the unmentionable team in the top spot. However in the east final the Ti-Cats will prevail, but lose to the Stamps in the Grey Cup Game.

I really do believe the Ti-Cats are one maybe two years away from drinking from the Grey Cup.

Well here's my two cents worth (and welcome to all you newcomers to CFL.ca....nice to have some Hamilton posters in here finally).

I am an Als fan, but I was born and raised in Hamilton so I do have a soft spot for the Cats. I won't go all the way to the GC, but here's how I see it:

I don't think Toronto has improved, question marks at QB if Damon goes down, and their already weak run defence just got a whole lot weaker with the retirement of Cantor and the injury to Keeping. Montreal has Edwards and Lapointe, Hamilton has Ranek and Holmes, and Winnipeg has Sir Charles....Argos are going to get run on a lot this year. So I'm calling Toronto for last.

I think Hamilton and Winnipeg made significant upgrades this year, but it'll take a little time for them to gel together (a la Calgary last year)...so come playoff time they'll be firing on all cylinders.

So I say Montreal finishes first, Hamilton second, Winnipeg third, and Toronto fourth. Hamilton takes out the Bombers in the East semifinal, and, dependent upon injuries, I think the Cats will have a good shot at beating Montreal and going to the Grey Cup.

If Maas goes down, however, scratch that. Sorry but I'm not sold on Kevin "Deer in the Headlights" Eakin.