Who do you cheer for now

what teams in what leagues in what sport will you be cheering for during cfl offseason?

For me


jets, pats, colts, eagles, chargers and saints


canucks, flyers, red wings, sharks, rangers, bruins and

coyotes ( gotta cheer at least a little for waynes team)

Colts and Chargers

NFL: Jets and New England
NHL: Oilers and Montreal

Raiders and Oilers.

I don't really cheer for an NFL team, I sleep at the tv.

I cheer for Calgary and Montreal and Chicago in the NHL..

that's about it.

NFL - none
NHL - none
WHL - Giants
I also watch Setana sports at a little pub I go to for the rugby.




Don't really have a team but because Toews and Getzlaf are my favorite players, I guess the Blackhawks and Ducks - prolli more so the Ducks.








St Louis

WHL -Regina Pats
NHL - Oilers for Jordan Eberle And Avalanche
NFL - no one
World Juniors -Canada of course (both guys and gals teams)
Golf - anyone but Woods
Curling - Sasky
NBA -no one

NHL: Oilers
NFL: Seahawks
NCAA Football: Texas Longhorns
Basically Im done watching TV until the CFL season starts up again.

Colorado Avalanche and unfortunately Toronto Raptors.
But I'll be also watching NCAA ball and maybe a couple quarters of NFL football.

NBA: Since the raptors have no chance, I just hope the Heat lose everygame possible. (So far so good)

Im adding a couple things lol

Somehow I forgot NCAA

NCAA Football

-I love the U. You know the University of Miami.


It's a regional thing for me...
-Sask / Team Canada

NFL: 49ers
NHL: Leafs
NBA: Knicks (and anyone who plays Miami)
MLB: Cubs
NCAA Football: Notre Dame

It's been a dry spell in my house since 1999.

How does that work? :lol:

I used to cheer for the Longhorns, but not anymore. I wasn't a fan of McCoy (I don't get how many records he set), and I can't stand this Gilbert kid.

NBA: Lakers, Raptors
NFL: Peyton, Ravens
NHL: Oilers, Crosby
NCAAB: Wildcats

NFL: Packers
NHL: Oilers
NBA: Raptors (although I admit I'm not a huge basketball fan)
Golf: Delaet
WHL: Pats


NFL: Packers
NHL: Canadiens
NBA: nobody, basketball sucks
MLB: Jays, Cubs
WHL: Warriors (Pats suck… at the bottom, overrated again :roll: )
CIS: U of S Huskies, any sport

My son cheers for New England I suppose. On Monday night; Go Jets Go!

NHL- Rangers and Coyotes
NFL- Patriots and Cowboys
WHL- Saskatoon Blades