Who Do You Cheer For? (NFL, NCAA, CFL, Etc...)

Just for sh*ts and giggles I want to know who everyone cheers for. I'll start things off...

NFL: Detroit Lions
CFL: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
NCAA: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
AFL: Jacksonville Sharks
UFL: Omaha Nighthawks
CIS: Windsor Lancers

CFL - Saskacthewan Roughriders
NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
NCAA - University of Miami Hurricaines

NFL - New York Jets
CFL - Edmonton Eskimos
NCAA - Texas Longhorns
CIS - UBC Thunderbirds

CFL: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
CIS: Mac Marauders
NFL: Miami Dolphins
NCAA: Boston Eagles
AFL: none
UFL: none

CFL Calgary Stampeders
CIS U of C Dinos
NFL no one just like watching the games
NCAA nope
AFL nope
UFL GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL: Montreal, Sask, ...
CIS: Anyone in the Quebec League that is not Laval nor Montreal (I hate their arrogance, and the media fawning just (or mainly) over these two teams);

NFL: Used to look at it religiously, before I stopped gambling (family pool) on it. Now I have trouble watching more than 30 seconds of it. But back then it was the Saints and the Pats (before they became perennial winners).

NCAA: No Care at all

CFL only, with the Argos my faves.
CIS in the playoffs only.
No Funners never, don't watch have no interest.

NFL: Jax Jaguars (don't have a favourite really it's just the local team)
CFL: Hamilton and Toronto
NCAA: Florida Gators
AFL: Jax Sharks
UFL: Never watched a game
CIS: Couldn't be bothered

Do you love Tim Tebow?

Nope but i do think the Jags should have picked him up to fill the seats and make some money and buy themselves a few better players ... he'd be better than Gabbert also

Yeah, Gabbert sucks.

Gabbert and Tebow suck...

back on topic of the thread

CFL: BC Lions
NFL: New England Patriots
UFL/IFL/USFL: 0 Interest

Don't have a fave NCAA team
Don't get much opportunity to watch CIS ball and I don't have faves but I have enjoyed watching SMU, Western, McMaster and Laval.

I had a bit of a laugh with the wife when I saw that T.O. temporarily got picked up by Seattle. After getting cut by his own IFL team I knew he'd never make another NFL roster. I don't think any Canadian team would be dumb enough to take on his ego.

CFL - Sask. Roughriders
Ncaa - Texas Longhorns
CIS - UBC Thunderbirds


The What theory is easy now.... :stuck_out_tongue:
NFL - Jets ; Green and White
CFL - Riders; Green and White

The Green Wall in both leagues :rockin: good enough for me :cowboy:

please elaborate

I now cheer for the Sasktchewan Roughruders; what more is there there to elaborate. If I'm not accepted as such I can't help the matter.

I will gladly accept you as a Rider fan, I am just wondering what caused this sudden change of heart?

The Edmonton Eskimos are in turmoil and the agony I can't accept any longer.

Works for me. Welcome lol