Who do we want to win?

with our seaosn pretty much dead, out of the winnepeg - toronto game who do we need to loose to have a better chance? wiche team should i be going for here to increase our chances??


?? no really, should we want toronto to loose or winnepeg

I think the Bombers have been the product of ALOT of luck and good fortunes to being playing really beat up teams early int heir schedule and as such have been tagged better than they really are.. it seems the good ship Argo has been righted as of late and are the better of the 2 teams.. so.....

Cheer the double blue team

ACK!!.. can't belive I just said that :o :o :o :lol: :o :o :roll:

we want winipeg to win. because we still play toronto twice and we could win those games

does any1 know the actual math and like the right, right answer here?

That'd be why I want TOR to win, both teams will have 5 wins and I think we have a better chance of catching the Poo Bombers

Brazzel puts the Bombers up by 7

Toronto only has four wins, Winnipeg has five. We want Winnipeg to win. We only need to surpass one of them - might as well go for the one with fewer wins and two games left to play against us.

I always want the Argos to lose, unless them winning can help the Ti-Cats.

Bombers I can't Cheer for Toronto..

never ever ever ever,cheer for theArgos

Well, in a game with some interesting twists and turns in the plot, the Blue Bombers were defeated by the blue team 18-15. And the Bombers had two late possessions which both ended in interceptions after questionable coaching decisions. What was with throwing into the endzone into double coverage when they were only down by a field goal? And what was with the decision to just throw Brad Banks in there to replace Mike Quinn? As was said on TSN, those radio shows in Winnipeg that have fans call in will have their phone lines burn up with calls about this.

Anyway, both teams have 5-5 records. However, it may not have mattered much to the Ticats who won, as their best chance to make the division semifinals would be through the crossover rule. Both Saskatchewan (4-5) and Edmonton (3-6) have worse records, and hopefully Saskatchewan will continue to be below .500 after tomorrow.

So should we be have wanted the blue team to win? I personally don’t think so, and not just because of any unwritten “never ever support the blue team” rule. But I should note that neither team can be too pleased with what happened tonight.

As commented on TSN, Winnipeg had no business losing that game.

Talk about unraveling...

Although mathematically it would have been better to cheer the Blue Bombers, looking at the schedule you'd want to cheer for the Argos. That's because Winnipeg will likely be closer to you in points two weeks from now, given the easy schedule the Argos have for their next two games.:smiley:

(j/k, you guys always play tough in the LDC)