Who do we want to win?

Who do we want to win next week between Edmonton and Winnipeg?

I say Edmonton but that's because I think we beat Calgary at home. It'd be nice to see a home playoff game though missing the playoffs is a possibility as well

Obviously we hope Hamilton beats BC but that's not likely.

Bombers. Long shot on a home game or surpassing them

If it ends in a three way tie for second and we beat Edmonton last week who would get the home game?

I think in a 3 way tie the first breaker is won lost record between the 3 teams only. Then record within the division and then the head to head between the final 2 teams. So if Edmonton beats Winnipeg and Riders beat Edmonton in the future games Winnipeg would be 3- 2 Sask would be 3-2 and Edmonton would be 1-3. So it would come down to record within the division and then if still tied, Winnipeg gets it because of winning the series against Sask.

Beating Calgary anywhere will be a feat to say the least.
We have got to get tough enough and focused more on "take em down and KEEP EM DOWN>
I have yet to see a Full 60 minutes of hard nosed football by the Riders...
And no scoring in a fourth quarter is a serious concern imo...

I'd love to see us beat Calgary anywhere, I just don't have the faith that the Riders are there yet this season...
And frankly we are where we were 4 years ago with no proven "Starter" if the main guy goes down..
No progress at all in a potential 'Franchise QB' !!

We are averaging 14.4 point wins at home. Yes they've had issues on the road but we've been pretty dominant at home this season which is why I think they win this one by about a touchdown.

Beating Calgary is a brave/bold prediction, but I hope your right. Scarry, scarry scarry even if we minutely play like we did this week 2'nd half. But if we play like we have in the past, play for 60 minutes, have Glen healthy, eliminate the 3 man D, get pressure on Bo, the injury list, and, and, and, then yea maybe, but not a strong maybe, a really weak maybe, lol. Truth is I already regret having time to take in the game next Sunday because I have this nasty knot feeling in my gut, lol. But I really do hope for another WIN, as we all do.

Now who do we cheer for this weekend? A win and BC loss clinches a playoff spot, but there's still a small chance we can get second.

Depends if we beat Ottawa tomorrow. If we do, I think we cheer for B.C.

I want BC to beat Wpg and leave us with a shot at 2nd place

Better change your mind and hope for Winnipeg against the Lions after the loss last night. We are not catching the Bombers anyways but if the Lions win today then they are breathing down our necks for the last play off spot.

Disappointing loss it was when dominating the game for the most part. Stupid penalties, stupid coaching using LaFrance that was doing squat on run plays and stupid coaching not expecting the Ottawa fake down by 12 with just over 4 minutes left. Putting Jones in the offense in the red zone and having him run the wrong route resulting in a pick didn't help either. Yes Glenn should have been more cautious knowing it was an inexperienced receiver but still why not use the guys that have played together all year instead of Jones? These are the kind of bone headed mistakes by coaching that drive me nuts. We left far too many points of the field early and we got burned for it.

You can't make the mistakes that were made at this time of year and expect good things to happen and they didn't. This was a game the Riders should have won by the time of possession but if you don't take advantage of it then anything can happen and it did. The play calling in the red zone was not pretty for the most part and cost us a win. The problem is that I don't see Mac as the kind of guy that will fix the mistakes. Worse is I don't see Jones correcting it either.