Who do we want to win tonight, Edm or Sask?

Which result would be better for the Lions tonight?

Edmonton beating Saskatchewan and their records would be:

EDM (5-3) and Sask (6-2)

or Saskatchewan beating Edmonton:

Saskatchewan (7-1) and Edmonton (4-4)

Meanwhile the Lions are sitting at 4-3 right now.

I'm torn, but I think we want Edmonton to win to keep first place within reach if we beat Calgary tomorrow.

edmonton of course, just heard that edmonton is expecting 48,000 there tonight , bc should be ashamed of them selves that we can barley get 30,000, even if the riders were for a fist place show down we would come no were near that.

probebly 38,000 what a joke.

How about a tie?


Half of those at Commonwealth are Rider fans making the "trek".

Some trek, but out of probably 10,000-12,000 Rider fans, many do live here in Edmonton and area (including my Dad), a byproduct of the years-old boom and whatnot.