Who do we want to win Ott or Tor

I bleed Black and Gold and NEVER want to see the blew team win.

Better if the Blews win.
But, RB's are going to put on their usual Offensive aerial display this evening...... :cowboy:

It's difficult to say, but ...... after each Eastern team plays its next two games, I wouldn't be shocked to see the blew boys alone in first place. However, perhaps the least likely of that scenario's pieces falling into place is them winning tonight in Ottawa.

The Tiger-Cats should be rooting for the Argos in this one. It's better for them.

I agree that as distasteful as it is, we should want the blue team to win tonight's game, However by the time the playoffs roll around IF they are still in it, I think Ray, id healthy, would be starting over either LeFevour or Willy. Milanovich is going to go with the most experienced QB .

So far this game is defensive slug fest and has turned into a series of 2 and outs. AND it's getting heated! They haven't even made it to the end of the first quarter and some of the players are getting in each other's faces.

Having a real hard time cheering for the blue team... I might just take our chances against Ottawa and let them win this one

They’re winning so far anyway as the second half is ready to kick off although their only TD came on a missed FG return. Could have been 9-6 for Ottawa (instead of 16-3) had Hajrullahu made that first FG.

They just put Willy into the game! :o

I don't understand all the people that are saying they want Toronto to win. You are acting like you don't think the Tiger-Cats can win tomorrow. I have faith that they will and therefore retake first place from Ottawa.

I have complete faith that the Cats will win as many games as the redblacks for the remainder of the regular season giving us first place in the East.

Going into this game I planned to cheer for the blue team because it's better for the Cats in the standings. But once I started watching, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Hey Oskie...
I can understand your opinion. Can you try to understand mine?
YOU, my friend, are an optimist. It must be fun to go through life like that. Seriously (!).

Those of us born as miserable pessimists tend to hedge our bets. Too many variables remaining in the season, in my opinion. Therefore I want to place the rank the need to increase the odds of first place higher than I place my dislike of the A&%OS.

What a boring game!

Good for you! Oskee wee wee :rockin:
So Ottawa wins 29-12

I wish I had your black and gold optimism, Oskie. But, I don't. And, I did want Toronto to win in Ottawa.
The Cats have not shown me anything this season to make me think they'll win, in bad weather, in Regina with at least 2, and maybe all 3, of their starting international receivers out of the line-up. Not to mention, they're also missing Gable, and his capable replacement Scheuerman, Stephen, their starting safety, and having Maher kick without his regular holder.

Let's face it you can stick a fork in The Argonauts, Barker and Milo. All DONE!!!! I say Pinball for GM and a guy like Blake Nil for coach. I'm sick of the rehashing of CFL coaches. Give a true winner a shot.

Toronto has at least another two loses as we still have to play Calgary twice. The issues in TO have not gone away. BMO hasn't been the answer. The new ownership didn't market early enough and thought that BMO would be the be all and end all. Now Barker, Milo and their band of flunkies has helped make this a year to forget.

By the way it never works out to cheer for teams to help your team out. Toronto will be replacing the Riders next year as the worst team. Actually they could end up the worst team this year handing the number one pick in the draft to Winnipeg thanks to the Willy deal. Stupid deal!!!! Another in the long line of stupid mistakes made by Barker lately.

I'll be at the Grey Cup party but not the game. Four days of drinking with no worries about my team in the big game.

Here is my prediction for the final East standings.

Hamilton 10 - 8
Ottawa 9 - 8 - 1
Toronto 7 - 11
Montreal 4 - 14

Although after they way they played tonight Toronto might not win that many giving 3rd place in the East to Edmonton.

The difference is that Ottawa has a game in hand as they’ve had both of their byes. It’s important to stay ahead of them even before playing them back-to-back.
Moot point anyway as they beat the hapless blue team last night to re-take 1st place, so the Ticats will have to win in “Windy Regina” tonight to boot them out again and regain their spot on top in the East.