Who do we want to win Ott or Tor

So the Twocolours and Boatboys play this week with a lot on the line.

Right now standings are:
Hamilton 6-6…12pts
Ottawa 5-5-1…11pts
Toronto 5-7…10pts

If Ottawa wins:
Ottawa 6-5-1…13pts
Hamilton 6-6…12pts
Toronto 5-8…10pts

If Toronto wins:
Hamilton 6-6…12pts
Toronto 6-7… 12pts
Ottawa 5-6-1…11pts

And of course Cats play Saturday in Sask, so if they win or you think they will just add a win to Hamilton in each scenario. Basically if Ottawa wins then Cats can gain a four point lead on Toronto with a win, but if Toronto wins then heading into Saturday the Cats will have a single point lead over the Twocolours with an even 12 games played each.

I think I’d prefer that Toronto gets buried in third place, especially considering we have the season series over them and two games against Ottawa left where the team can control their own destiny.

What are your thoughts, just trying to kill time until Saturday, this is a big week. My gut feeling right now is that this team needs to secure first in the East to get to the Grey Cup, not very confident about having to beat two out of three of Toronto/Ottawa/Edmonton.

Hope Argos win because Ottawa is the better team. Argos don't worry me.

TWOCOLOURS all the way , no doubt about it. I would much rather have them Boaters in the trail position in our rear view mirror buried 4 points back in arrears especially since we already have the season series on them. I mean it would be a darn shame what with the Grey Cup being in Toronto and all if that Blue team somehow missed the playoffs this year :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to figure that after we hammer those Riders on Saturday we will still be up on Ottawa by a point with 5 games to go and of course a once again late season home and home series should decide 1rst place and 2nd place in the East for this season. My prediction is that it'll come down to those two games same as last year but unlike last year this year we come out on top in the East ahead of those RB's and claim 1rst place and a date at THF for the EF where we will meet up once again with Ottawa for the all important rubber match and of course a date at BMO for this years Grey Cup :rockin:

I hope they kick the crap…out of each other, and end in a tie. :rockin:

THIS ^^^^^^^^

Ottawa to win please.

Most important thing - make the playoffs
Second most important thing - seeding in those playoffs

It is more likely we make the playoffs if the Argos lose.

Oh -and I won't object if every player from both teams gets hurt. lol

Simple. If you want the 'Cats to have a better chance at finishing first then you should want the Argos to win. Don't forget that the Redblacks have a game in hand and they play Saskatchewan during our bye week in October. Winning the season series against the Argos also plays a big factor. Either way it's a good situation for the 'Cats but I'm hoping the Argos beat the Redblacks.

If the Argos win, it keeps us in sole possesion of first as we hold the tie breaker with Toronto so we're in the drivers seat for the EDF. If Ottawa wins, they take back 1st place but we're almost guaranteed the EDSF. Rather have 1 win to the cup than 2, so an Argo win would be nicer

The only problem with that - and I'll use the Jays as an example.

We wanted them to win the division. So we hoped for teams like Baltimore or Detroit in their games against Boston the last couple of weeks.

Here we are a couple of weeks later and now we are praying for Tigers and Orioles losses - just so we can make the playoffs.

Argos win a couple of games in a row and Saskatchewan beats us this weekend and all of a sudden we are in a battle for our playoff lives.

Let's put the Argos away by having them lose and then worry about our seeding compared to Ottawa by winning our head to head games with them later this season. And if we happen to lose one or both of those games - at least we still have another shot at them in the playoffs because the Argos will be in our dust.

It's easy. I can't make the Eastern semi-final but CAN make the final. Therefore a Toronto win maximizes our chances of staying in first.

So we want a Toronto win. There.... wasn't that easy?

Because we have the tie-breaker over TOR, let’s have them win this one, if it can’t end in a tie. We can take care of OTT later. Of greater concern than the TOR @ OTT game, though, is our line-up for the @ SSK game. These tweets don’t paint a good picture of the first practice of the week:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 46m46 minutes ago
Scheuerman and Tasker also missing from #Ticats practice. Lawrence watching.

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 2h2 hours ago
At first glance #Ticats absentees include Gable, Dyakowski, Stephen and Owens. Latter two hurt on Friday. #CFL

Further to my post, immediately preceding this, Owens is definitely out this week:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 31m31 minutes ago
Chad Owens won't play this week. But Kent Austin doesn't know how long he's out. Suggests long #Ticats injury List in #Sask #CFL

If Toronto wins, Hamilton's chances of making playoffs go to 96%%. If Ottawa wins they are 98.2%. Right now Hamilton's chance to make playoffs is 97.4%.

If Toronto wins their average seed improves to 2.9 from a current of 3. if Ottawa wins their average seed falls to 3.1. These are league wide, overall seeds and not just the East.

Thanks for the stats Mark. :thup:

Right now standings are:
Hamilton 6-6...12pts
Ottawa 5-5-1...11pts
Toronto 5-7....10pts

To me it measures up like this.

After this weekend Toronto is going to fall into the abyss with the Allouettes. They will struggle to win even 2 more games this year. Their best chances being against the Allouettes in Montreal and Saskatchewan at BMO.
Argos = 3rd place

I don't see Ottawa beating BC, or either Hamilton and Winnipeg twice in back to back games with each of them. So, excluding the Toronto/Ottawa match up this week I expect 3 more wins out of Ottawa. If they defeat the Argos this week along with those 3 wins, they will finish with 19 points. If they lose they end with 17 points.

By virtue of the Argos spinning their wheels late in the season The Tiger Cats will be playoff bound this year. But, finish where? If Ottawa finishes the season with my prediction of 19 points, the Tiger Cats must win 4 of their final 6 to end in 1st place. If Ottawa gets only 17 points, the Cats need only 3 wins to top the Eastern Conference.

My wish is for the Argos to beat Ottawa this week to take some steam out of the Redblacks drive for first place.

Ottawa to win on Friday. The Argos are toast if they lose on Friday if you look at the remainder of the schedule for the Argos, they have a home and home with Calgary and in Edmonton and a bye week in their second to last week.
They may win two more, at the Als and at home to the Riders.
I don't think there is any doubt that the Esks will clinch a crossover and probably play in Hamilton.

It's good to be back. test

I want TOR to win because of a potential crossover

Which QB would you want to face in the playoffs if you had the choice, Reilly or Willy/LeFevour?

As much as I hate to say it, the Blew Team to win against Ottawa, just to keep things in line in the standings.

If the Cats can pull off a win in Regina this weekend and the Blew team wins, the Cats will start to build a nice cushion between the two teams in the east.

The big games for the Cats will than be the back to back against Ottawa.

Should be interesting, we have the talent to take the east, we need them to perform now and win consecutive games at home and on the road.


The TiCats aren't the only team with injuries among their running backs. Making the TOR @ OTT game, even more interesting, for us, is the expectation that the 2Colours' starting tailback, this week will be Mossis Madu.