Who do we want in Free Agency?

Home Grey Cup, looks like we're going to do our best to win it. So who do we bring in? I'll leave 'who do we keep' for its own thread.

Too me, biggest area that needs improvement is reciever. A few notable names are Gino Lewis, Kurley Gittens and (I think) Kenny Lawlor. Lewis really took it to us in the ESF last year, so my vote is him, though he might be expensive.


Imagine what Geno Lewis alone would do to our receiving unit.


All of the sudden that scares people.


you had me until the last name .


Kiondre Smith showed flashes of brilliance last year. I think he could have a real breakout year if they use him properly.


Geno Lewis wants $300,000 per season. Not sure if he will get that much, but I am fairly confident he will get at least $250,000.

Canadian receiver is one position where I feel we need a major upgrade . Of the four current Canadians at that position on the roster only
Smith and Ternowski are definite keepers . The other two Durant and Ungerer are pending free agents and I would be personally shocked if either one was offered a contract or re-signed to be honest .


That might be a little steep for us. If the Cats tie up 800K for just the QB and one receiver then I think they will have weak spots in other areas.

At 300k Lewis might end up on a team that will be starting a more cap-friendly QB.


I'm guessing that Jaelon Acklin and Tim White were paid comparably on their 2-year CFL rookie contracts, with the Tiger-Cats. What $80K? Acklin, may have doubled his salary moving to Ottawa, in free agency, for a reported $155K.
White has done more, as a TiCat, than Acklin did and, certainly, deserves a big increase.
While I'm a big fan of Geno Lewis' talent, I don't know anything more about him. I do know Tim White's life story and am really impressed with his determination, how well he fit in here, and with his effort and production, as a TiCat.
If the club gets a chance at Lewis, but can only afford one of the two, which I think would be the case, there's no question which one I'd choose and, from what I read in this thread, perhaps, save as much as $100K with the choice.


I wouldn't expect Addison back until Labour Day at the earliest. It usually takes a year to recover from an Achilles, and he has has two surgeries on it, according to his Twitter.
I'm not sure if his knee and Achilles injuries are on the same leg, but I know from painful personal experience that having two major joint repair surgeries on opposite legs is incredibly difficult to recover from. I am still in the process, and I don't believe there is an end in sight other than trying to maintain what I have for as long as possible.

BLM might help attract players - especially if they are players who want to WIN and not just looking out for No.1. I'm sure he'd be thrilled with Geno, but what if the team were able to sign TWO good receivers for the reported $300K he wants - ones that want to win Championships?


I don't know I'd bring Addison back at this point. He's reinjured that leg/knee, can we trust it this year?

It's too risky i think, I'd spend that money on a safer bet this year.


We don't need an upgrade though. Ternowski and Smith are perfectly fine as starters, when the QB is able to look past their first read.


If you read my post I agree 100% with you on that . Where the problem is in the depth at the position . We currently have four Cdns on the roster . 2 under contract (Smith , Ternowski) who are keepers and two that are pending FA's (Durant , Ungerer) that personally I wouldn't be offering contracts to .

If I'm G.M (well one of them anyway) I'm going hard after either Gittens from Toronto or Grant from Montreal in FA .

If successful in signing one these two it would be a twofold win/win scenario where we would strengthen our roster and weaken the roster of another rival Eastern team in the process .

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a upgrade at RG Maybe at LT if Venzeyle Retires
Bo You have to keep healthy that means investing in O-line

here my list players we need to sign:
OL Michael Courture (W) He be great at that RG Spot
WR Tim White (H)
LB KELLY Kameron(H)
QB O’CONNOR Michael (BC) Someone for when Bo is Done
WR JONES Mike (MTL) We need him back

Sadly, I agree. Use the $$$$ to keep Tim. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Other than games played per season, their CFL career stats are just about identical.

Remember your new QB has eaten up lots of cash so is free agency much of a reality

We're actually fine at RG. We do need depth though.

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I agree with your first five picks ( White , Santos-Knox , Johnson , Kelly , Howsare ) . As for the last four picks ? Not really sure if we could pry Figs away from BC , Ditto for O'Connor (besides I prefer they sign Shiltz) as for the last two mentioned ? Jones and Rogers....no thank you , not interested .

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Forget Durant.


Ti-Cat Oline is good as is. Couture and Figueroa will not be in Hamilton.

In a fantasy world I target Demski over Jones and leave the rest as is with Dunbar, Whyte, and Anthony Johnson. No room for Eric Rogers.

Can't see them moving on from Micah Johnson this year, Santos-Knox, Kelly and Howsare all should be retained.

Cats don't need a lot imo.


big Fig ain’t going anywhere