who do we take in next year CFL Draft #1

Look like we'll have 1st Pick over all again
So Who do we take ?

Bill Belichek.

trade the pick, stop drafting these CIS busts, this team falls in love with these western canadian busts. You either draft an offensive lineman who has experience playing division 1 ncaa major football, or you trade the pick. Also this draft looks weak, the CIS talent is dropping, it aint like you can find any studs anymore.

Well, the last line of what you stated -- the part that there are no studs anymore -- I don't necessarily agree with. However, the idea of getting a good lineman (O-line or DT) is always where I would look for as a GM, otherwise leveraging the pick(s) as part of a deal to get a starter is always preferable when there is no clear ringer to select.

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually, Bauman is our best receivor and he was a #1 draft pic. Jess Lumsden is a first round pick and he is our best player..

These 2 guys are our best players!! I think keep the pic and take the best available guy..