Who do we pick first?

Little early, but it’s always good fun to discuss the future N/I stars of our league

We don't know if Carter and Nicholson are going to be concussion free, so I'd pick a receiver first and then a DB to backup Ryan Hinds.

Anyone but Scott Mitchell lol. That name is a jinx. :lol:

Tough call though. Also really depends on who is still available when we make that pick. If Reid retires maybe the DL is the way to go. Ock makes a good point about receivers, but we also have McKay

In last year's home exhibition game he caught everything except a cold. :lol:

He definitely has a very bright future if he can play like that in the regular season. :rockin:

Hmm…developing a new Linebacker would be prudent. Otis Floyd is near the end of his career and you can’t tell me Markeith or Johnson aren’t going to eventually get NFL overtures.

Our starting linebackers are imports. Inserting a non-import requires a non-import backup to avoid roster/ratio messes like we had with Lumsden.

If Parker is available at our selection I vote we pick him, but if not then we go somewhere on the offensive line, maybe the kid from Laval or Queens.

Offensive Tackle. If we're going to start two americans at tackle then we might as well groom a Canadian behind them. Whether that should be Blake, Mitchell, Holmes or O'Donnell I have no clue.

All"s quiet on the Rasouli front. :wink:

anthony parker, good name, was a really good lion in the 80s