Who Do WE Keep?

June Jones - nope.
Jerry Glanville - nope.
Frank Gansz Jr - nope.

O-Line - yes.
McDaniel - nope.

Simoni - ?
Dean - yes.
Unamba - yes.
Breaux - yes.
Masoli - maybe? Do we go after Reilly?
Green - yes.

Any others?

If Breaux passes a physical in the NFL he is gone. Masoli is not the answer but as long as Jones is here so is Masoli.

Sinkfield, Timmis, Banks, speedy A,

Keep: Addison, Banks, Tasker, Saunders, Buren

You have to give a coach more than one season and a couple games. Head coaches should get at least three seasons to build a team.

Bring in some defensive ends and some defensive backs.

Get Masoli to cut out the interceptions.

Have someone on defense cover the tight ends. Both 46 and 89 for Ottawa were lined up at tight end and no one covered them.

Mike Jones a a keeper. He’s progressed so much it would be a shame for another team to get him.

Laurent nope
Howsare nope
Rolle nope
Tasker yep
Speedy A & B yep
Green yep
Buren yep

The O line…yep


You are kidding right? Did you see how many times he didn’t know what to do when Ottawa was in the Red Zone today? Wide open TD catches by Ottawa and Daly was MIA and unfortunately Stephen would have been no better. We really need to get an import safety that can cover with speed. :o

Laurent, yes, he has another year on his contract that he took a paycut on
Big Teddy is a BIG YES

Westerman has another year @$250K I can see him being released

Have to wonder how Breaux passes a physical next year after he couldnt this season.

Start fresh with a new 5 year plan. We are just mediocracy at best. Otawwa came in with a one year plan and keep getting to the finals most years. We have too many small receivers and a tall one that probably weighs in at 140 lbs. The caretaker came in not knowing anything about football and hired a bunch of executives who knew less and can’t manage players or their contracts.

Can’t figure out how he fails a physical to play in the NFL but he is okay to play in the CFL ???

Agreed. Add to that M Jones, Thomas Erlington.

I wondered the same when he signed.

Cfl physical is only 76% of Nfl physical.

Lol…just like our dollar?

June Jones - nope.
Jerry Glanville - nope.
Frank Gansz Jr - nope.

O-Line - yes.
McDaniel - nope.

Capiccoitti - nope.
Laurent - nope.

Stephen - nope.
Lawrence - nope.
Daly - yes.
Dean - yes.
Unamba - nope.
Breaux - yes.
Masoli - yes.
Evans - nope.
Moniz - nope.
Green - nope.

Banks - maybe.
Buren - yes.
Tasker - yes.
Toliver - nope.
Jones - yes.
Addison - yes.

Hajrullahu - maybe.

June Jones - nope.
Jerry Glanville - nope.
Frank Gansz Jr - nope.

O-Line - YES
McDaniel - nope.

Capiccoitti - Yes
Laurent - Yes

Stephen - Yes
Lawrence - Yes
Daly - BIG NO
Dean - YES
Unamba - BIG YES
Breaux - yes. (But won’t be)
Masoli - NO
Evans - YES
Moniz - nope.
Green - YES

Banks - YES
Buren - yes.
Tasker - BIG YES
Toliver - nope.
Jones - yes.
Addison - yes.

Whitlock- YES
Howsare- YES

Williams- Yes

Hajrullahu - NO

Buren is one of the quickest Canadian receiver developments I have seen in the CFL. Starting the same year you’re drafted is rare for Canadian receivers. He shows a lot of promise.

Mike Jones has finally shown why he was a higher draft pick a couple years ago. He and Buren are keepers for sure.