Who do we go for in free agency? Do we want Mitchell or Reilly?

I like JM but in my mind Reilly or Mitchell are clear upgrades. I can’t imagine Mitchell leaving Calgary, but Reilly might be on the move. Does he fit into JJ’s scheme?

I think the reality is we have what we have. As long as JJ is in charge he has say on who is on the roster. He loves JM and honestly JJ is the reason we are where we are. That’s exactly the same as where we have been forever.

With the AAFL starting up, it will be possible that any QB looking for a shot at the NFL will head that way. Their pockets seem to be deeper than the CFL. I am worried about the talent drain the CFL may see.

Unless they trade Masoli, I can’t see them taking on two big starting QB contracts when there are other places to spend money. Also Masoli’s skills are such that they compliment Jones’ offence. Signing a new QB creates a problem. Reilly and Mitchell as examples wouldn’t fit that offence.

I believe AAFL contracts for QBs are the same as all other players, so they would make more here. It’s the position players making minimum that could bolt.

I am worried about the AAFL draining talent as well. Who knows how it will play out, but if that leaguepays better and for the internationals being closer to home it may have an adverse effect on attracting and maintainingCFL talent.

I don’t agree. I believe Jeremiah is a good QB and has all the tools to win. We need better coaching, plain and simple, especially on offensive play calling.

Jeremiah is good sometimes. Consistancy is important at pivot. After 8 seasons and 40 starts, he ain’t gettin’ it done.


If we swap Reilly and Masoli this year… what’s the net difference?

It cant be more than +2 games. I’d suggest its probably 1 (early in the season)

He has been the starter since 2017 mid season. Your 8 seasons and 40 starts are not accurate as he was a second or third string QB under development until last year and only played when injuries forced him into a game.

I will agree though that consistency is crucial. I thought he had eliminated those badly timed poor decisions from his game. Twice yesterday that cost us especially considering the D couldn’t stop Ottawa or create any turnovers of their own.

I have confidence in JM over any other free agent QB.

Can’t say I disagree with your assessment. I’m not overly impressed with any QBs in the league right now.

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That first int. he threw yesterday, I swear I have that burned into my minds eye. I’ve seen him make that exact same play where he steps back to his right, then starts to run forward to his right and then decides to try a short toss at the last second which then gets picked off. I’ve seen it so many times, I think opposing teams have keyed on something and are running a certain pressure package to get JM into that situation where he tries that short toss, and have a defender lying in wait for it.

As bad as the optics are for Masoli on those two first half picks, the Offense scored 27 points and moved the ball reasonably well.
The mistakes Masoli made yesterday were met with grave consequences, but compare two bad decisions to a D that was consistently atrocious for a full 60 minutes. Indeed, if it wasn’t for our decent offensive production, Ottawa gets the ball a few more times and scores 60+.

Simply put, if you can’t win unless your QB has the perfect game, fires 90% and never, ever throws an interception, then you won’t win very often.

So, instead of paying double the money for a slight upgrade at QB, perhaps priority should go to fixing other holes?

I am completely happy with Masoli as our QB. More than happy. He had an awesome season, is an outstanding citizen and leader and deserves to be the teams starting QB.

Problem being the architect of said defense was the personal hire of the architect of the offense you feel is good enough.

That’s a solid argument. JM pushes to make plays - sometimes with spectacular results, and some terrible results.

That’s what people overlook. We are all happy when he completes the unlikely pass for 30 yards that it seems like he has no business completing. You don’t get those plays without risks, and risky throws can translate into interceptions some of the time.

Except they all aren’t risks sometimes they are just plain dumb decisions. Been plaguing him since day one.

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