Who do we expect back from Injury?

Please provide your opinion or anything you have heard . So far form articles I have heard Carter is a go and Johnson might be but I am still really hoping for Hinds

Ryan Hinds ? ( i hope so )
Woodny Turrene ?
Jamal Johnson ( likeley )
Matt Carter ( Likley )
Dyakowsky ( likely )
Milt Collins ?

Any guesses how our Receivers and Defensive Backfield will look ?
Let's pray Hinds is back so are ratio gets helped out

We probably need Hinds back in order to play Rose at DT.
We've been able to start him the last 2 weeks because Mariuz has been starting in Johnson's spot, but with Johnson back we'll need to free up an import spot somewhere else.

It looks like HINDS won't be back which really sucks because Rose was helping woth the pass rush and clsoggging up the middle on the run game and we can't afford to put another canadain on the offensive line or at receiver

maybe we can play wayne smith at OT instead of Simmmons ? Maybe we could have experimented the past 2 games if we knew Hinds wasnt coming back ....another idea might be play Beswick at safety to get Rose in there ?

What even happened to Hinds?
When he got hurt I thought they ("they" being the Cats, Milton, Edwards... I don't remember who) said it was a 2-3 week injury. It's been a lot longer than that.

I'm really hoping Woodny Turrene will be back. This guy looked great when he was back there, id probably even say he could be the best guy we have in the secondary.

My feeling now is that if Hinds can't come back to allow both Johnson and Rose to play then our chances increase greatly
Turren coudl have replaced Young and Hinds replace Smith

Maroz will not be able to handle WHITAKER out of the backfield and will not be able to avoid. break Ofeensice tackle blocks ..also rose finally brings push in the middle and clogs the run too .....i would throw beswick in just to get rohnosn and rose in

Drew Edwards reported that Milt Collins and Matt Carter are practicing again. But he said nothing about players like Turenne and Hinds, who would be very good to have back. He also said that Stala and Jamall Johnson are expected to be back later this week. And that Stala missed practice for personal reasons; nothing to do with him being injured with three seconds left in Thursday's game apparently.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/11/playoffs-are-why-ticats-brought-avoncobourne-to-town.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... -town.html[/url]

And if Collins comes back, will he be used at safety? Or will they leave Thomas there and move Collins to another position in the secondary? Collins is versatile enough to play another position there, from what I understand.

Let's also hope that these returning injured players don't have a lot of rust. If it takes them a quarter or two to get back into a game playing groove, the score could be ugly in a hurry. I wish some of these injured guys could have played in the Argos game as a pre-playoff warmup.

CBC is implying Marwan Hage might be playing. Very good article btw

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opinion/2011/11/dont-sleep-on-the-tabbies.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opini ... bbies.html[/url]
Another bonus is that players like offensive linemen Marwan Hage and Peter Dyakowski, along with defensive components Jamall Johnson and Jason Shivers are working their way back into the lineup. The Ticats have used the time to make sure impact players like Williams, Avon Cobourne, Dave Stala and Markeith Knowlton are fresh.
Do we want a healthy Shivers? :wink:

nice article, very positive.

As a backup, maybe, or on special teams. But no way he should play safety.

zero argument here.