who do we cut?? we have three good rb's,we can only keep 2

Good assessment, AJB1.

While Anthony Davis is a very talented running back, he will need to work hard to integrate pass receiving into his game to maximize his effectiveness in the CFL. If you look at his bio on this website, he only caught 22 passes during his four year career at Wisconsin and there is no mention of kick returning.

Nonetheless, Davis has demonstrated enough running ability to find a place somewhere on the Ticat roster.

That extra practice time is really what I think is needed. The first half of camp really focuses on the basics, and special teams, long snapping, and that sort of thing don't get practiced very much. It's like Boreham's first missed field goal - it's just rust. They'll do reps on it in practice this week, and things will look much better by next Friday in the snapping department, I guarantee it.

Man, I wish I worked someplace that had a "Snapping Department". You just know cool stuff would happen there. :lol:

That’s very true - pass catching from out of the backfield is so much more important in the CFL than it is south of the border, at either college or pro levels. That’s one of the things that Mike Martz built his reputation on - the way he used Marshall Faulk out of the backfield as a receiver - which is funny when you consider that CFL teams have been doing that for years.

I agree that we need to keep Davis around somehow, but maybe on the practice roster for now while he works on that aspect of his game (and maybe the return game as well, though that’s a totally different animal - it’s more “vision” than speed).

If we consider that Ranek would be the running back and Holmes the return specialist/slot then i think you can keep Davis on the roster

I must say that if the Fake Field Goal was NOT planned, we're not in trouble because on that play, the whole offense seemed to know what was happening and played accordingly. Had that fake been planned, than good job on the offense for executing so well (too bad nobody covered stokes or fleming woulda taken that to the house)

I love Yeast. He’s a keeper no matter how lazy he may be on some plays. Also, I don’t think Radlein should be cut! I think we need to keep a formation with him as fullback. We’d miss him more than you think. I don’t know who to cut…but neither of them!

Rest assured that no one in their right mind is considering cutting Radlein. He just signed a big contract extension, and management was excited about that for a reason.

OK, I'll come clean. I'm biased towards Davis, but for a very good reason: I'm his baby's momma.

Oh dear, Oh dear...

Not sure how a trade would help when the team has to make cuts. Presumably, there would still be the same number of players on the roster unless the trade is two-for-one or for future considerations. Even there, though, the Cats look good for future considerations given this year's draft strategy. On the CHML TiCat show today, Marshall basically stated that they will find ways to keep roughly 52 guys, even if it means "embellishing" injuries to put them on injured reserve. Can't believe he admitted that on air!

Peterson won't be cut, he played fairly reliably on friday. He's a good receiver, and will probably stick given the fact that he does have a whole heap of talent and is NI