who do we cut?? we have three good rb's,we can only keep 2

:? :? :?

something has to give, but aren't there lots of ways of skinning this cat, so to speak...keep three backs and fewer receivers, as holmes can play the slot too?...keep one on practice roster? I dunno but if this keeps up, cutting across the roster is really tough...almost all the receivers looked good too

why can't we keep three? we'll probably use a double back formation now... it'd be good to have at least one guy to spell those two.

what i don't like about this, is as we
cut good players we are feeding other
teams like the argo's etc. our practise
roster is a smorgisboard for other teams. :thdn:

three import running backs on the
active roster!!!! I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!

Maybe one on the practise roster,but
then he's gone!
I hate feeding other teams. :thdn:

Well, that certainly beats the opposite situation. It wasn't that long ago that we were in it, when other teams' junk was our treasure.

It certainly is nice to have the luxury to cut players who might be able to make it elsewhere.

Then come back and kick our butts!!
No thanks.
I suggest we trade Ranek and any good
import receivers we can't keep on the
roster to western teams.

Then come back and kick our butts!! No thanks. I suggest we trade Ranek and any good import receivers we can't keep on the roster to western teams. :thup:
Well, they wouldn't be as likely to come back to haunt us if we cut them in favour of better players. It's possible, but not likely. But trades would be preferable, yes. And who to trade and for what would be make for an interesting discussion.

Give some of the wideouts the boot! we've got far too many and not too many stood out last night. Quinnie had hs moments and talman gardner and Ian Fleming played well. Vaughn and Morreale played well as well, but i doubt they will be cut. I saw nothing too special from peterson, yeast,or cavil so they will be my main targets for cutting

The Ticats have roster space available to keep all three of their import running backs.

CFL rosters have been expanded this year. Each team has an active roster of 46 players, composed of 42 game day players and 4 reserves. There is also a developmental roster of 7 players.

Anthony Davis played too well to be cut. He seems to be a north-south runner with great acceleration and a knack for finding holes up the middle.

Any returners we tried last night (which I don't believe included Holmes) did little to distinguish themselves. If Corey serves as our primary returner, it might make it easier to keep both him and Davis on the roster. Davis wouldn't hurt his case if he could also return kicks - can he?

You didnt see anything special from Yeast? were you at the game or just listening to it on the radio? and ya yeast had a crazy catch that could of been the highlight of the night if not for mikes at the end of the game.

TiCats need a competant longsnapper/centre- it is a hard choice for the coaches but maybe Radlin,or Aido will be enouph to pry a good Centre from another team.?

davis will be or should be kept on the new reserve list

Yes, I was at the game and the ONLY catch i saw yeast make was indeed a good one but the guy was otherwise doing his usual lazying about, not running hard on his routes. And had he not gone for the catch, i guarantee it would have been picked. So yes, i do beleive he should be cut

You do know that the long snapper is rarely if ever the centre that plays on 1st and second down. also, Rads ain't going anywhere and Aido has zero trade value.

Alright i wassnt at the game so i cant say anything about how hard he was running his routes but i havent heard anyone else complaning about this yet. and what the hell does it mean when you say And had he not gone for the catch, i guarantee it would have been picked. ya so arent ya glad he tryed then? usuaily if the reciver dossnt attempt to catch the ball it could be picked.

Matt Robichaud is THE BEST long snapper in the league. Bar none. I don't think Maas throws the ball overhand as fast as Matt throws it through his legs on punts.

Donnelly is no slouch on FG's either.

The expanded rosters will make things a little easier for the powers that be this, but still...too many tough decisions.

form what happened in last game, low snaps on the ground, then over the head of the punter, and id bet the fake wasnt intentional but another poor snap,Whats the point of getting all the studs if we cant get the play started , maybe extra practice time and work some on mechanics?

Davis' hands are extremely suspect, which is why he's still below Ranek and Holmes on the depth chart. If he has trouble catching the ball when it's thrown to him, I imagine that the coaches would be hesitant to put him back for kick return duties.