Who do we cut, trade, fire, or dis this week?

Funny how the venomous ones get quiet after a win. I knew they would win this one (my call was by 10). But, it doesn't help my prediction ratio much. :slight_smile:

What I loved was the feeling of team effort; finally a sign of gelling of a team was evident to me. I must have been a great place to be. I could feel the roar way over here in New Zealand. Great entertainment! Now, lets scare the hell out of everyone and keep clawing. I think we can at least three of the reamining six (maybe more) do you?:thup:

Go Cats!

I'm not that venomous, am I? LOL

I wholeheartedly agree about the team effort on Friday. That is the Tiger-Cat football I like to see! It was a game where the growth signs of a new nucleus for future contention was evident.

Props to the team!

Oski Wee Wee,

brock ralph- CASE CLOSED

We have all the right players in all the right places, yet we have the worst record in the league. I think its about time we start picking on the coaches.

Cut, trade, or fire..... Jason Farr, make it an enjoyable night out, win or lose!!!!!!

for giving the players a chance
to gain experience and improve, s_f?

8) WOW !!!! You obviously haven't been checking this site for the last couple of weeks !!!! :roll:

This is a perfect place to vent and express your feelinhg about our favourite team. Is it just me or do you get the impression the coaches read some of this stuff. I have been complaining about the O Line and Defence all year.

Great to see them play as a team and get the job done. Should be an interesting finish to the season.

Its really silly talking about trades after one win!When you look at who is over paid and who is underacheiving then yes brock ralph is the man and also we could get some thing good back for him!

I've heard this comment before. Can anyone tell me how much Brock makes, or are you just assuming he makes alot.


As recently as this past Friday Scott Mitchell supposedly said we can expect changes as early as the first week in Novemeber.
This is from a Peters article.

[i]"I want to figure out what guys we want to move forward with. When
you're 1-10 you find out a lot about your players," Mitchell said.

But Mitchell makes no bones about it; Cat fans and players can expect more than a few changes in personnel after the first week in November arrives.[/i]

He definately makes it sound like some decisions have been made already as to who's finished at the end of the year but one thing I'd like to know is who has the final say on signing and releasing players?
You can't help but notice he uses the word 'I' and now 'we'.

Are we running the team by committee or does one person have the definative final word?
(and does coach Taaffe has any say?)

[sarcasm]yeah, cut the guy who's leading the team in receptions and yardage.....makes sense to me[/sarcasm]

His "stats" on this team are nothing to get all school-girlie over.

Now...had he caught all the balls thrown his way and stayed in bounds to get YAC... his "stats" might actually say and mean something. But, he's in the league stats where he is, because he's just not very good.

To Quote Comicbook Guy

Brock should not be the #1 receiver on this team I don’t think that should be his role. The fact that he does lead the team in receptions and yards speaks volumes to our poor talent at receiver and poor offensive game plan.

Brock is a valuable player if used in the right role. I admit he has dropped some balls he should have caught, so has Bauman, so has just about every other receiver we have.

Make no mistake though Brock is valuable.