Who do we cheer for?

So as it stands, the Riders are 1/2 game up on Winnipeg with a home and home coming up. I think we win one, possibly both games.

Having said that, what do we want to see in the Calgary/Edmonton game?

A Rider win and Edmonton loss next week would place the Riders in a tie for 2nd with one less game played. At this point, a sweep against Winnipeg and Edmonton sweeping Calgary would put us right in the hunt for 1st in the West with games coming later on in the season against Calgary and Edmonton.

What do you think?

Well, if we want a playoff spot in the west we want Edmonton to lose. I doubt we catch Calgary, but a loss by Edmonton and win by us and we are tied with Edmonton. Getting one home playoff game would be huge.

Of course I’d rather crossover again and not have to go through both Edmonton and Calgary. But then we likely go through Ottawa. It seems our path to the cup goes through at least 2 of the top 3 QBs no matter what. Unless we cross over and somehow luck into a Winnipeg final lol.

We cheer for Calgary. Edmonton sweeping Calgary is very unlikely as well as the Riders sweeping Winnipeg.

Well to state the obvious, we cheer for the Riders. Apart from that personally i think the stamps should run away with the west, and im honestly hoping that we cross over. I see it as an ‘easier’ ( ever so slightly ) route to the cup. If thats the case i see us loosing in the East final in Ottawa. If we make it in the west, i see us loosing the first game regardless of where it is. Although if we somehow got a home playoff game ( which i think is highly unlikely ) I think it means a contract extension for Jones. and im not sure if thats good or bad at this point in time

At last years exit interview, Jones stated that the games lost at the beginning of the year were to blame for them having to go East for the playoffs, and how much easier it is to stay in your own conference for playoffs. Said next year we have to be clicking early because those 2 points in July are just as good as the 2 points in Oct. Duh, ya think so? Then they go out and lose to the Als all over again, with the most bizarre Q.B. rotation the league has ever seen, in the biggest behind the scene game the province has ever held. That indicates to me that Jones is fine with an East berth again, despite his words last year, which got him an extension by the way. And if it works like he thinks it will, wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing for Sask to go into Edmonton, Ab. and beat Calgary, Ab.

cheer for the lions

Chris Jones is an amazing coach, drives the armchair Qbs at TSN crazy with his unconventional thinking.
Only team in west with a GC winning coach. (BC is not going anywhere)

Even if Riders finish in third place in west - they have a good chance. Edmonton is way overrated, very beatable.

Riders have shown they can beat stamps over last couple years - a lot of that is coaching.

Make the playoffs, and if Zach is healthy, you have an excellent chance to make it to GC.

With GC in Edmonton, eastern teams dont do well in the cold.
It’ll be 2013 all over again!

Why come into another teams area with your crap?

Horsey ???

Horsey lost his platform on the 3Down site when they shut down the comments, so now he has to come into our house to stir the pot ????

I’ve noticed a couple of folks with attitude as I view the forums.
Probably need attention. ::slight_smile:
Go Riders GO