Who do we cheer for ?

This afternoon Cal. plays Sask. so who do we cheer for, the team we are trying to catch or the team that is trying to catch us. A tie would be nice !

Standings aside, I put the two teams on my "dis-like" scale, and I'm just pulling for The Stamps.
The Dick versus The Cork, BLM will be in the toughest he's had yet, that crowd will cause him a lot of trouble.

I hope, Stamps 36-28
I expect, the reverse.

My wish is they absolutely pound each other and a few questionable calls give us some potty mouth coaching response, I always enjoy a little humour in my CFL.

Well the Stamps won and that is OK because I have a very hard time cheering for Sask. Wonder why ? I would much rather play Sask. at IGF for the semi than to have them crossover and gain momentum to meet us later. Let BC or Edm. get beat by an eastern playoff team.

Bombers are in a really good position. If the Stamps falter we're in a position to nip them for 1st - and a cherished home date in the western final.

The other 3 western teams have a dogfight on their hands for 3rd and 4th. If BC bails - it will be Christoph Jones and Maas trying to decide whether the best route to the Grey Cup involves going thru Winnipeg and/or Calgary - or going thru Ottawa and/or Toronto.

The only thing that can soil the great showing by the bombers is a complete or near-complete collapse. . . . ie. going 0-6 down the stretch, even 1-5.

1-5 probably gets them the cross-over.

2-4 gives them a 50-50 chance at 2nd in west

3-3 gives them 12-6 record - for all intents and purposes that should be 2nd in west.

4-2 gives them 13-5 - definitely 2nd in west, no doubt.

5-1 gives them 14-4 - outside shot for 1st - Calgary has to croak badly

6-0 would be 15-3, unheard in these parts but perhaps using too much energy and allowing a re-built Edmonton or Sask'n team to subdue them in western-semi - or Calgary killing us in west final

Best outcome for bombers in fantasy land is winning out and bringing Grey Cup back to where it belongs.

Logical is 2-4 or 3-3 down the stretch, minimizing injuries, picking up a couple studs and mounting serious threat to the Cup.

‘’’’’’'Lyle…do I detect a little softening on your hard stance with regards to Bomber success?..lol…mentioning outside chance FOR FIRST…Giving our dreaded nemesis Cal. a good run for top spot???..See guys…there’s hope for Lyle after all

…All kidding aside…we are definitely gearing up for some serious football come playoff time…I say we’ll care the beejeezus out of the cowboys for the top rung AND if we are successful I like our chances of a final home playoff game (man the joint will be jumping) AND in that event I like our chances of going to the BIG game…One thing you’re dead right about Lyle is your statement…'Grey Cup back where it belongs…it’s been too bloody long

Papa, I'm with you, BUT, I think the Boys at The Top still have some work to do.
Cold weather and Messam spells stud MLB, and we don't have one.
Our sack count could be higher, however I think the new Roc-less DB is tightening up.
O line is fine with depth, RB's are fine, perhaps an uptick at WR and SB's but don't get me wrong on that one, they are very good.
Specials, Medlock, all good.
Coaching, particularly PLOP, just fine, not much to worry about.
The "next man up" appears stronger than its been in a long while.

The home Crowd has to show up, dammit this is great football in a madhouse, doesn't get better.

As a hardcore Peg Sports fan, not counting huge CIS value we have, a home Bomber game is the best buzz/outlay ratio you can find in this town. Jets go for a skate and it costs me 3 hun, meh.

C'mon Peggers, lets blow up this pop stand and take it to the Cup.

I'm fairly happy about the situation but if someone loaded me up on sodium pentothal here's my list of things in bomberland that make me uncomfortable:

  1. Richie Hall

  2. Lack of monsters on d-line. Imagine bombers with Teddy Laurent in the middle?

  3. Samuel Hurl - the thought of him pitting up vs. Messam in playoffs - NOT GOOD

  4. Ian Wild probably out rest of season - bombers best linebacker, although a tad under-sized

5 Patchy depth at Canadian WR behind Feoli-Gudino; Matt Carter (the holder) is the next guy up

  1. Patchy depth at import WR with Dressler down again (O'shea says min. 2 games; in translation that's 5 or 6, hence rest of reg. season) and TJ Thorpe walking off the property.

  2. QB depth behind Nichols - been good so far cuz Nichols hasn't been hurt. But what happens if?

  3. Nichols still a shaky affair in the red zone. Despite his MOP numbers otherwise!

  4. Poor draft results. Its official Ekakitie is a total bust (#1 overall) and Geoff Gray (#6) ain't coming back this year, #15 still a work in progress.

  5. 27 years in the wilderness puts a ton of pressure on all concerned - from ballboy Spike to Wadzilla himself.

#1-And yet with all this doom and gloom we are still in 2nd place in the whole league.
#2 We are getting better in almost all facets.
#3 We are starting to dominate opponents.
#4 We are winning on the road.
#5 We are winning at home !
#6 We are putting up fantastic numbers, passing and running.
#7 We have a team that is eager.
#8 Players are filling in for the injured.
#9 I think our backup QB Lefevour is a diamond in the rough.
#10 The draft is a crap shoot at best. How many other picks have been dominant this year ?

#11 The pressure on ballboy Spike and Wade would be much much greater if we were wallowing in last place with no chance of a playoff game.

You see, there is much to be happy about. I am enjoying this year more than I have for many years. Let's let the minor problems stay minor, while we bask in the success.

Who are you and what did you do with Lyle? ;D