Who do u hate the most?

we have said who our favorates are now what teams do we hate the most
from 1-9, 9 being your favorate team and i guess 8 could be your second fav do whatever you like.

i will start.......

  1. Riders
  2. Als
  3. Esks
  4. Bombers
  5. Ti-Cats
  6. Argos
  7. Gades
  8. Lions
  9. Stamps

Being An Argo Fan The Answer To That Question Is Obvious; The Ti-Cats. I'm Also Kinda A Eskimo Fan And A Bit Of A Rider Fan, So Therefor I Also Hate The Stamps And The Blue Bombers.

  1. Riders
  2. Al's
  3. Esks
  4. Lions
  5. Argos
  6. Ti cats
  7. Gades
  8. Stamps
  9. Bombers

1 riders
2 montreal
3 edmonton
4 tornonto
5 calgary
6 bc
7 hamilton
8 ottawa
9 Winnipeg (only one that deserves capitals)

I hate every team equally.


Go You Thieving Capital Punishment Renegades Go!!!!!!!!

After Edmonton, its a rotating order. This week it will be Winnipeg.

I don’t hate any other team. I dislike losing to them in spades!!! But I don’t hate them!!! If it is a figure of speech or an expression like I hate losing to the BC pussycats then o.k. but I don’t hate these guys and their teams.

1 - Riders
2 - Montreal
3 - Winnipeg

All the rest are equal except the Gades, they are my 2nd Favorite team.

I like how the Riders are at the top of most of these lists :wink:

My list ...

  1. Edmonton - they'll always be the worst.
  2. Saskatchewan - used to have a soft spot for 'em, but now they just drive me nuts
  3. Winnipeg - no real reason to like or hate 'em, and just now they're down here ...
  4. Toronto - again, don't know why, and I do love their new uniforms, but they're not high up on my list right now. But I don't dislike them. Toronto, to me, shouldn't be winning ...
  5. BC - They're basically Calgary west, so I guess ya gotta like 'em ... but I think it's more awe than anything!
  6. Hamilton - another mostly-neutral team, but I've always liked them for some reason, and now I feel sorry for them.
  7. Montreal - was so happy to see them back! And I've liked them ever since ... but I don't mind seeing them lose.
  8. Ottawa - want to see them do well, so badly! So far so good :slight_smile:
  9. Calgary, of course!

I should mention, though, that I think I love the CFL itself more than any one team .... or at least, the CFL is tied with the Stamps...

1- Toronto
2- Edmonton

Don't like too much:
3- Blue Bombers

Think are okay:
4- Tiger-Cats
5- Stampeders

Respectfully fear:
6- Lions

7- Roughriders
8- Renegades

Love, even when they play like freakin hamsters:
9- Alouettes

Dont really hate anybody, but the teams that we hate losing too the most would be Edmonton and Montreal.

Don't Like at all:
1- Riders
2- Alouettes

Not too happy with:
3- Eskimos
4- Ti-Cats

5- Argos
6- Renegades
7- Stampeders
8- Lions

Favorite Team:
9- Bombers - Through the bad times and the....... bad?

That’s actually very funny…

"Hamsters??? Did you actually say that??lol

I've seen hamsters play football. They're better than you think. You just need to find a mini-ball, a one inch field and hamster size equipment

oops. one inch is a little under exagerated.

I've once seen a hamster being rolled over by the wheel in its cage, and that came back to my mind when I watched the Al's defensive unit lately.

LMAO! Turd, ya got me rollin' here....

If only you could train the goddamned things to fetch you water in the morning when you’ve got a bastard between the eyes…useless rodents!

Now, this was the best topic yet, funniest as well!

I have two categories; hated and disliked. Only one team makes the "hated list" and for two reasons, one of which was not mentioned yet.

Most hated!
TORONTO ( first reason: Because I bleed black and gold. second reason: It may come to a shock to our western friends but Toronto is by far the biggest violater of the salary cap. They have publicly stated that they do not care for the cap and will not abide by it. You wonder why they have a bottomless pit of marquee players moving through the system, ie John Avery/Arland Bruce/Damon Allen. You wonder why Allen is really sticking around; it isn't because of the skydump. The only good thing about TO is Pinball. I respect who he is.

Dislike category
Most to least:

Montreal ( The arrogance of Andy Calvillo and Don Matthews. Their record looks good on them)
Sask ( The fans are obnoxious, much like the sweetest medicine you can buy)
Winnipeg ( just cause)
Edmonton (
Calgary ( Actually like them)
Ottawa ( I do feel sorry for the few fans they have. Yet, at least they do not wear suits to games like many of the Toronto fans do)