Who do they pick?

Riders have two of the top four picks. If they do it right, they solidify two positions for quite some time. So what players or positions do you thing they take?

I would go for a LB then trade the second first rounder for a second and a third rounder to grab one of the running backs and an o-lineman.

It would be awesome if we could grab Steven Turner. He is sounding very promising. I reckon someone else will snatch him up right away.

Taman and Miller have all but said that they are looking at the defensive side of the ball in the early rounds of this draft.
I am assuming that TO will draft Cory Greenwood number 1 overall but if they do not, one could probably put money on it that the Riders will take him at number 2. If Greenwood goes number 1, I think the Riders then will take LB Joash Gesse. Although he is not participating in most of the drills at e-camp because he is still recuperating due to knee surgery, I think he will be the Riders first pick. Athletically, when he is healthy, he is right on par with Cory Greenwood. Shomari Williams just does not have the speed that teams are looking at in the CFL for linebacker (Queen's figured that out quickly so they used him at rush end), so I think the Riders may pass on him. Williams is okay as a rush end, but just so-so as a linebacker. He does not have the speed or the pass coverage ability that folks in the CFL like in their linebackers.

Number 4 pick if he is still available, will likely be Eddie Steele. I am certain that Joe Eppele will be BC's pick at 3, which will suit Taman and Miller just fine. Eppele may be TO's pick overall, which I hope it is, which in that case, the Riders will certainly grab Greenwood. Greenwood is supposedly even a better prospect than Dylan Barker when he went first overall two years ago.

But overall I think the Riders will take Joash Gesse and Eddie Steele at number 2 and number 4.

Later on in Round 5, I think the Riders could take two U of S boys... Patrick Neufeld and Grant Shaw. Miller said he would like to draft an O'lineman and if a good one is available in the fifth round, they will grab one which could be Neufeld. Grant Shaw would be an extremely versatile special teams player. He was an all star at corner back and he was also the U of S's kicker. He could be Jamie Boreham's replacement.

I would like to see them select Cory Greenwood. He has great size for a linebacker (6'2", 235 lbs.) and great speed (4.5) in the forty. He has tested very well in all five drills at the evaluation camp.

With their other first round choice I hope they will take a defensive end. Several are performing very well at e-camp so there is a good selection.

According to Duane Forde, Taman has a history of trading picks for players which may make one of their top picks expendable.Don't be suprised to see someone swing a deal for one of those picks, Forde's guess is the Ticat's, but who do we have that SSK would want or that we'd be willing to trade?Just seem's unlikely that Hamilton will trade up at this point.

There is a rather complicated system right now in Saskatchewan with Taman and Miller. Taman is the GM but in a way that still has me scratching my coconut as to how exactly that works, he somehow has to answer to Miller. Miller in a weird and almost unique situation is Taman’s boss. Hopefully someone else who comes to this forum can explain it in a way in which I can understand. In short, I think there is no deal happening without Miller giving the "thumbs up" first.

Although Taman has a history with Winnipeg with trading draft picks, he did get a couple of solid veterans in return. Also, I think Taman was under a lot of pressure in Winnipeg to get a winning team on the field fast. Who other than the fans, that pressure came from, I am not certain... perhaps Lyle Bauer? Taman has made a couple of clever picks with Brendan LaBatte being the most recent. Two years into the league, and the kid is already an all star left guard. Also, Taman is not the only GM who trades draft picks. "Belt loops" did his share of throwing around draft picks too. The 5th rounder for Washburn at the end of last season had me blinking for a while (and still does).

But this year, I doubt the Riders will trade any of their first round picks. Having the second and fourth overall pick in a deep draft year even though they finished number two in the league last season does not happen very often. I do not think Taman/Miller will squander that opportunity, especially right now when the Riders are not hurting for talent (some would argue that they need defensive ends but I think they have good ones in the background right that we are not privy to at the moment) and are probably in no hurry to produce on the field rapidly seeing how they already are producing.

In short, I fully expect the Riders to keep this golden opportunity to have two high draft picks in a solid draft year.

This is probably the best year for a while that there has been quality defensive ends available. Although the Riders already have Michael Stadnyk, another one might be a good idea. Chima Ikhewoaba looks impressive. But of all the D-linemen, I still think that Eddie Steele is the best overall prospect. Brian Bulcke who is a NCAA junior looks interesting too. But who knows? Drafts never go the way the fans or the insiders expect.

The way I understand it, is that Miller is VP of operations, which does make him Taman's boss, but the way others have explained it to me, it's like a rule by committee, with Miller's rule being final. So Taman openly expresses his thoughts on what he would like to see, who he would like to see where, but it's based on MIller's vision of the team. I.E. Miller expresses we are weak in depth at say (for arguments sake) RB, then Taman begins work on developing that role, brings thoughts/canidates foward, Millers yeas or nays it, and Taman goes it to it from there. So Miller gets his team the way Miller wants it, without all the administration of it all (i.e. SMS, etc). I think it can work, even if it is a case of Micro-managing, sometimes that isn't a bad thing.

I say, DRAFT!!! keep building for the future, we need to maintain a high level of competitiveness and drafting good Quality Canadians is the key.

But overall I think the Riders will take Joash Gesse and Eddie Steele at number 2 and number 4
I couldn't agree with you more oxbow, unless greenwood is available for our 2nd overall, then its greenwood and steele.

I've heard real good things about steele since i was nextdoor neighbor/friends with a few manitoba bison players, in victoria.

I also have heard good things about young Mr. Steele. I hear that he is as strong as an ox (33 bench press at e-camp is outstanding), that he has a good work ethic. I hear that although he is a real nice kid, once he puts the pads on, the killer instinct takes over. I hear that he is already very good at collapsing the pocket. Not much of a sack demon, but he gets a real good push off the line.

With Shomari Williams and Cory Greenwood battling each other at e-camp, the forgotten person is Joash Gesse. He did not participate much at e-camp because he is still recovering from surgery, but he did do well in the bench press (33 bench presses too). I hear that he is just as athletic as both Williams and Greenwood when he is healthy, and is more of a natural linebacker than Williams, being much better as a pass blocker. He may be a little small for the middle linebacker, but I see him as a non-import version of Kitwana Jones when he was in his prime and when he was probably the best role linebacker in the league three years ago.

id suspect u guys take an olineman with your pick at number 2 and trade your other way cuz thats just how taman rolls.. the other thing is just cuz duane forde says this guy is the best, dont mean he is, last year they had that morencie olineman ranked in the top 5... he didnt go until like pick 20.

the riders seem to like taking guys from sask so my question is who is from sask in this draft cuz imo, more than likely thats the guys sask will take.

We've got more o-linemen than anyone, so I can't see one of them in the 2 or 4 holes. Same for receivers. There's a local kid that plays o-line who will probably still be around when they pick in the 5th....that's a possibility. My guess is the first two will both be defensive players.

I'm thinking the Riders keep both First Round picks UNLESS someone gives us an offer that is too good to be true. Saying that, we are probably thinnest on the DL (End more than tackle) and LB. Later rounds we may pick an OL, but I'd be VERY surprized if we choose a receiver.

thought i read somewhere that the riders have received some calls about the 4th overall pick.. and just sayin but taman is known to trade draft picks away so i wouldnt be surprised if number 4 was traded away.

Riders have reported that they have talked to all 7 teams about moving around in the draft. Some speculation is they want to move up to #1. They must really want a guy for that to be the case.

Dylan Barker...

soo hypothetical here guys... say you do trade up for the #1 pick like was mentioned. i heard somwehre that fantuz or someone like that (maybe bagg) could be the guy the argos want.. would u guys totally crap your pants if that happened?

i know i would if i was a rider fan (and i am) (a closet fan at that) but yeah... what would the mood like be in sask if they traded away fantuz or bagg say for the 1st overall pick?

cuz i dont see who else the argos would be interested in from your roster.

what if u traded fantuz (or bagg) and your 4th overall pick to the argos for the #1 pick.. would be want tamans head on a platter?

Taman can say to T.O. Fantuz for the first pick...nothing else. Andy is worth it.

but why would u trade fantuz for the 1st overall pick. fantuz just resigned and like... he's a pretty good player. ur basically saying here take this proven canadian all star really (if he wasnt hurt) for our unproven draft pick. i dunno man.

unless the riders are somehow over the cap at this moment. i dunno tho. doesnt make sense to trade a superstar like fantuz for the great unknown.