Who do the Lions protect in the Expansion Draft?

I have a feeling we lose Demarco, probably keep Pierce and Lulay on for next season. It all depends tho, with Collaros, Mitchell out there as well, also possibility they might not protect Glenn in Calgary.

I'm really interested in how we keep our O line or Defensive cores, do we protect Korey Banks and Dante Marsh? Do we protect Harris or Logan?

I'm not even fully sure is it you can only protect one or half of each position?

It does seem like they made this so that Ottawa will have a competitive team from the get go and it could get really interesting.

Firstly, the key is understanding the draft and what Ottawa will do. It has been stated time and time again that they will not draft any free agents. That leaves the likes of Josh Bell, Nick Moore, Keron Williams, Adam Baboulas and Stu Foord safe without having to waste a protection on them. Granted that could all be smoke and mirrors on Ottawa's part, but you just don't know.

In round one - the import draft, you can protect 10 players + a qb. I think the Lions protect:

Emmanuel Arceneaux
Adam Bighill
Solomon Elimimian
Ernest Jackson
Stefan Logan
Jovan Olafioye
Cord Parks
Courtney Taylor
Chris Wilson
+one other... not certain... we're getting into the old folks... not thinking they protect Marsh, Banks, Phillips, etc... basically anyone over 32
Travis Lulay

I think BC leaves Tim Brown available with the addition of Logan... this leaves Ottawa with a bonafied return guy and essentially protects the rest of the import roster.

Ottawa selects Tim Brown

In round two - the first non-import round, you can protect 6 players (8 if you lose a QB an 7 if you lose a kicker in round one). I think the Lions protect:

Kirby Fabien
Shawn Gore
Andrew Harris
Marco Iannuzzi
Matthew Norman
Jabar Westerman

Ottawa selects Jason Arakgi or Seydou Junior Haidara

In round three you can protect an additional 6 non-import players.

Matthew Albright
Jason Arakgi or Seydou Junior Haidara
Steven Doege
Matt McGarva
Steve Myddelton
Keynan Parker

Ottawa selects Kyle Jones (born in Mississauga). No idea what they do here... BC has good non-import starters, but there is a definite drop in the talent beyond the top 12. There are unknowns like Tomusiak, Marshall and Daley that could also draw interest...

Let's be honest. This has as much to do with what the Lions leave unprotected as what the other teams do and Ottawa's plan. If the QB's (Mitchell, Collaros, Wiley, etc.) get moved before the draft, DeMarco could be in play. I'm also not certain about all the other team's FA's. I suspect some of this will be made available as we near the draft... there will be speculation and mock drafts I'm sure.

Great analysis/expectations rtk350. Does make sense.