Who did well who did not against SASK

oK Let's start with who i thought did well .


Ellingson had a few good receptions and looks to be continuing to progress .
Breaux had another good game . He is always very close to his man .
Isaac looked quite good before he got injured . There was one play where he saw an opening and snuck right through for a sack , He was also getting under Sheets skin which is always good. He also forced Sheets to cut into the inside on a play that had Sheets gort around the corner than it would haev been a big gain
Though Dile looked injued he played well
Befoe Lamar got injured ..they we using the 3 back system very well and Gable was looking good too
I thought Bussey made some good plays and got to the QB


I though Jones was not very good . I noticed that he could nto get nay sepration whatseover and his kick returning was poor and he dropped at least a few .

BURRIS - was not in sync with this receivers as they seemed to be going straight when he though left etc ..so many passes were 5 yards off as if there was a mis communication .
I laso noticed way to many 5 - 7 yard plays which make it way too eas to have a 2 and out ...
why can't receivers go down 13 yards and come back to the ball and still get 10 ? then we have a first down to play with .
Burris has to take responsibiliy fro that 3rd own gamble too ..
The recievers as a group were not good in that they did not seem to be on the same page as Burris .

Dline pressure was poor as usual but I still like th upside of Norwood and Marshall more so than the other options we have .
Marshall mad ethe QB pay on a few ocassions . Norwood also find himslef in the backfield alot and had Sheets for a loss a few times but could not hold on on one oacasion .

BROWN seemed to be the DB they were picking on for the Smon and Dressler td's and Hinds wheneve he was in .. I still not sold on Stephen...

if healthy 'd say the best db's we have are
Breaux and Mccolough one the weakside and
Stephen and Hobbs on the strong side with Harris the big hiiter at safety
i thought Davis looked good .

i did notice on the play throw to getzlaf when Hinds caem into the game for BREAUX that our defence was so eaily tricked again .

Getzlaf lined up on the right side and crossed t the left and Hinds man the WR took hinds into the endzoen and nobody picked up Getzlaf ,,i would assume that is jamals guy on the weakside there ?

seems way to easy

i also think if we have themn on their gol aline it should not be so easy for them to ge a one on one woth Simon and Hobbs and the Qb had somuch time and there was nobody wth an arm up or in his passing lane and no hlpe from the safety.

Overall , I think we need to bring in some recievers and running back canddates . I know we have GANT and i hop ehe gets healthy soon with Fantuz . I also think we shoudl take a look at Tavoy Moore for kick returns .

As always, good insights. I just wish you would proofread your comments before you hit the submit

It is time for[ Ryan Hinds to either start playing well or quit . His play on the Getzlaf touchdown
was pathetic. Why are the Ticats paying this guy.

Yeah good point Teddy F :slight_smile: I will work on that .


As for Hinds ,

I was initally all over Hinds on that play but then after watching the replay I saw that his man took him deeer clode to the end zone and Getzalf crossed over from the other side …I would think the SAM , WIL or other half back shoudl haev went with Getzlaf depending on the coverage . I find that is the problem with this team in general . Anything out of the ordinbary and they don’t know who to cover or block .

I think in practice they should be going over who gets who in all scenarios not just the basics .
they play like they are on eman down al the time

Not mentioned but Webb is one of the top DBs on the team.
How can you criticize Burris?
26 for 41 with 395 yards passing 2 TDs and no picks.
DUDE was a BEAST!!!

Except for the seven sacks for 58 yards. Not all his fault - the line crumbled (or in two cases, stepped out of the way) and he had no help from his RBs on those plays. But it drives me nuts that he never throws the ball away when he's pressured. And this year for some reason, he seems to be having trouble finding his outlet when there is one, possibly because of the different styles of the RBs. (Walker is very quick to get open, maybe too quick. Lamar is also good, although not as good at getting open. I only saw Gable try it once this week, and he ended up in the middle of a crowd.) On the Giguere swing pass, where Giguere was slow looking back, Burris should have thrown it on timing anyway rather than take the sack. Who knows? Giguere might have reacted in time to the ball in the air to catch it and maybe even get some YAC out of it.

Burris short hops so many passes, his deep balls hardly ever allow the receiver to keep running for the catch, he does not make good reads often staring at this primary receiver, his ball handling is a liability and he takes too many sacks. Instead of telling me how good his percentage of completions are and the yardage picked up let us concentrate on how many games we win. Losing teams usually get cheap yardage later in the game.

Simmons, and O'neil both missed blocks on occasion which resulted in sacks and fumbles.
Gable did a great blocking job. He is not a great runner be he is a good receiver and
an excellent blocker. He does a good job of picking up the blitzing linebacker.
I would like to see Delahunt do more.
Defence is getting better
D- line still needs help

Simmons seemed to allow players to get around him way too easily. And O'Neil would be good, but he leaves his lane in order to go after defenders who are already stopped, allowing late linebacker blitzes. That was the cause of two sacks last week.

Have to disagree on this. From what I saw, he locks onto a defender too quickly, and on two occasions last week completely missed the late linebacker blitz, resulting in two of the sacks. When he makes contact, he is very effective at stopping the defender, but he doesn't have the vision and recognition yet. As for his running ability, he seemed to be breaking through the line last week. But he's definitely not fast. I'd like to see them give him the ball more often to see what he can really do. But that's not Austin's style, so not expecting it.

As a receiver, you mean? That one throw a couple of weeks back excepted, he seems to have good hands. But with our line the way it is, I suspect he'll be asked to block more often than not, with the runningback being the one going out for passes.

Lets start with Bussey a real Will LB and played very well. Breux still unsure of. had a career ending injury in HS costing him a career at LSU has worked his way back through the Arena leagues. Emmanual Davis i am sold on him great make up speed on the Taj Smith pass and nothing else really went to smith. Two weeks in a row Bucknor then Hinds got burnt big time. neither just do not have it. Rico Murray another beast coming in as an NFL free agent like Bussey. Courtney Stephen at safety and Canadian a perfect fit also showed speed to help out over the top to break up a TD. Unlike Patrick held up as the last line of defense making tackles. Played great on specials as well. He left WLU for Northern Illinios where he did exactly the same played safety and special teams.
When Breux went down and Murray went to corner for one play before Issac went down as soon as Murray went to Sam and Hinds came in burnt for a TD.
Brown as well may just not have it. a great pre season game but this is his 3rd season of bouncing around the CFL and as someone mentioned drew willy went right to the Hinds Brown side for the big plays.
Hobbs has quietly been doin a decent job will move to CB opposite Breux, Davis is set to line up next to him at HB and Dee Webb will return to the other HB spot this week.
Webb started 18 games for a bad defense so it is hard to guage just how good he was. Also he is entering his 7th pro season starting with the NFL as a draft pick in 2006. Last cuts in 2007 but played a full season starting in the Old Arena league. Next his first CFL season started on the PR and was promted to the roster back to the AFL the next year for another full season of starting. 2011 played a full season split between the Argos and Cats and finally found stability last year starting all 18 games. Hopefully his injury is not a sign of him being worn down and that he will be able to build on last season. we will find out soon enough but after playing 6 full pro football seasons can where a DB down.
Mccoulough is in his prime so hopefully he will come back soon and strong and we can see a solid 4 cover DBs and a 5th to back up. Breux, McCoulough, Webb, Hobbs, Davis with Stephan at safety and Rico Murray at SAM right now but can also mive back into the secondary. Issac also started off great last week so add him to the mix when healthy and I think Orlando has got his crew.
Cortney Greene is a player and it will be intersting to see how they use him on defense. played through his 3 year rookie contract with the NFL jags from 2009 to 2011 as a free and strong safety. 2012 released at last cuts