Who chooses what to review?

I just finished watching the Eskimo /Al's game. Why wouldn't they review the run the Eskimos had on the second last play? From what I saw on the replay he had the ball in his right arm and was spinning on to his back when he went down and the ball was VERY close to being in. In a situation where the game is on the line, that play MUST be reviewed. It was no different than the play at the other end of the field and they reviewed that.

Yes, I am an Eskimo fan.... I also think the choices the coaches made today stunk in some areas and cost us a chance to win it, but the officiating in the CFL this year is way too inconsistent......sour grapes, perhaps, but there is truth in there as well.

Great game, I am glad the East one won for a change.
The no review was the right call as the ball never touched the line since White had his back turned.

Reviewing a play that wasn't a score, as clearly shown on tsn, would be wasting everyone's time and rewarding the Eskimos an unfair 3rd time out.

The right move was made.

But it was OK to review “a play that wasn’t a score, as clearly shown on tsn,” at the other end of the field giving Montreal an unfair additional timeout?

Review both or review neither, but what was done was quite clearly unfair.

Video review is killing the CFL and must go!

The fact you think video replay must go shows your opinion is laughable on this subject.
Do you remember receivers catching balls off the turf and refs calling them catches?
Fumbles ruled down by contacts, but tsn replay shows it was a fumble?
Etc etc.

You want to go back to that crap? Gimme a break!


Then why was there a review at the other end a minute earlier. You are trying to suck and blow at the same time.

Yes I do. I would rather have an on field official with one look, at full speed, from whatever angle he happened to have at the moment make a mistake than see a senile old man with multi angles, that he can view as many times as he likes, full speed, slo motion, stopping the frame AND STILL GET IT WRONG ALMOST HALF THE TIME!

I don't want to see a Grey Cup decide on this idiotic system they are so obviously incapable of administering with any semblance of consistency. It's not a matter of if a Grey Cup will be decided on a blown video review, but when.

...the same could be said of live-time old referee eyesight dcmoses, your argument fails

I'd like to see some REAL statistical backup for that claim. I'd even allow you to decide what is blown IF you list EVERY video review made to date.

Referee's get one shot at the call, video review gets 5,10,15 maybe 20 looks at a play. Absolutely no comparison and no excuse for mistakes. And the senile old man at the command centre makes more mistakes than a Murray Clarke crew on a bad day.

Do you follow the game threads? Comes up almost every game.

I too asked myself why there wasn’t a video review when the circumstances were so very similar and I never saw a clear reply that showed Edmonton ball carrier down and ball position at that time.

No, a SERIOUS dispute doesn't come up even close to once a game.

The quality of the game has improved greatly since replay was introduced to the CFL, IMO.
I'm satisfied with the result after reviews 95% of the time or maybe more.
Before replay, I found myself disappointed in the refs calls numerous times a game.

...completely disagree, getting rid of video replay is a step backwards IMO

the reason you say they get "the wrong call" is because there has to be 100% conclusive evidence to overturn the referees call. So if there is any doubt at all... It reverts back to refs decision.

Now you are not only the authority on video review you are also the authority on what constitutes a "SERIOUS dispute". I'm willing to "discuss" this with you, but have no interest in an argument with your ego.

I don't necessarily call that the wrong call. If it is inconclusive then reverting to the call on the field is the correct call. They make mistakes in all 3 situations equally though. That is the only thing about video review that is consistent, they say video is inconclusive when it is just as much as overturning a good call and just as often as supporting an incorrect call.

However, just because they say inconclusive doesn't automatically make the video review call incorrect.