Who Can't You Stand?

Just curious :mrgreen:

Davis Sanchez arrogant self centred and not half as good as people make him out ot be the only reason this guy has a job is to balance out the import ratio

Troy Westwood. He's a disgrace.

oh ya I forgot about him he talks a lot of smack for a kicker and that one bar under the chin bothers me too

I meant on the fourm , :mrgreen: but whatever.

i cant stand my emmitt smith figure, cuz the foot stand is wobbly and keeps falling over.

all rider fans

carl kidd

carl kidd

.......ah gee.......I just luv you all...........

I agree. The whole point of a forum is to bring together diverse opinions for discussion and exchange of ideas. This is a place where your opinion can be challenged or disagreed with, but never wrong. Unless you are purposely trying to pick a fight.........



EE, this time we agree - Westwood's the bad man!

Hi kokanee. Pleased to meet you.

From a Rider fan!

I'm a life long Bomber fan ... and I cannot stand Troy Westwood ...

Mostly good choises in this thread. Kidd and Sanchez are also on my list.

dickenson is on my list, ok QB that has great recevers, twice lost the grey cup. If he is the great QB that people say, he would not loose those games!
I said it before, and I will say it again, THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYER IN THE GAME!!!
Westwood is the top of my list, can not stand that stringy hair. :x

AJ Gass… dirtiest player of the league.

I agree with you there, though he's not the guy I can't stand the most.

Look at the Toronto Tiger-Cats' defence: Adrion Smith, Orlondo Steinauer, Clifford Ivory, and the most hated of the hated: Mike O'Shea! :evil:

On the forum, though, I don't hate anyone. Why can't we all...get along?

For some reason I just don't like Charles Roberts, he's never done anything to make me not like him but for some strange reason I cant' stand him. Then there's Westwood of course and the whole "banjo" thing that got blown way out of proportion. Dave Ritchie is also another person I don't like, I think the fans say it best "Ritchie! Get off the field!"

I wonder if it's just coincedence that all three of my most hated CFL'ers are Bombers?

Wanna talk about coaches going onto the field, how about Danny Barrett? He's the WORST one. After every play he's like fifteen yards in yelling at someone (usually the officials). If you asked me which coach I can't stand, it's him!