Who can we call on for a back up QB?

With the news of Masoli gone for the season with the torn ACL who can we get to back up Evans? Brandon Bridge might of made a nice fit but now with Montreal and most other free agent QB’s and guys with any real game experience are now retired, Kevin Glenn, Drew Tate, Ricky Ray, Drew Willy??

Is anyone left on the Cats Radar as a possible fit to add to the team?

Otherwise will be another long season ahead!


Won’t Montreal be licking their lips if Cats start looking at Brandon Bridge. Maybe those future drafts are heading home to Montreal?

Not many experienced Backups available. Ricky Ray has lots of connections on this team. Probably lives close by. Can step in with Condell as OC. Our team is at the top of the league in fewest sacks allowed which would minimize him taking a pounding.

How about Hayden Moore?

Dane Evans is the guy.
This is on the coaches and management team. This is why you have a back up.
They decided it was Evans because they believed he was good enough if this situation arose.

Now we will find out.

Remember, he went in cold yesterday with a stunned team that just got kicked in the gut. He played against the best defence in the league (correction:second best) and he won.

No, the offence didn’t do much but they were also playing overly cautious nursing the lead. But, he didn’t choke. I was impressed by his poise in the open mic.

Next year, I hope we have a quarterback controversy.

And for a third string?

What’s Kevin Glenn doing now?

This will be 20 years of drought. We’ve already had this exact situation happen to us and it sucks.

If BC loses tonight, I wonder how hard it would be to pry Mike away from them. As a team, they’ve got a long way to go. Probably a pipe dream, but I wouldn’t mind if the team gave up a lot to get him. If at all possible.

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With Reilly’s HUGE contract you would have to cut many current players in order to stay under the cap. Assuming BC is even willing to trade him, what salaries would you dump?

Ricky Ray lives in California.

K. Glenn, him and the rest of the Cats are due Grey Cup rings!

I could see Jeff Mathews back with Condell as a backup, He knows Condells Offence from Cornell and his previous stint with the Ticats

You read my mind there Grover . I was just thinking the same thing . :o

I don’t think he made 3rd string on any CFL team

K. Glenn has hardly been a sure ticket to a Grey Cup ring at any point in his career.

I agree that J. Mathews is a likely target given his availability and past relationships with the staff.

Any good #2s or 3s on Calgary, BC or Edmonton? With the salary their starters are making, they might be good targets.

Time to see what Dane can do for now though. With probably the best Oline, there are worse situations for an inexperienced backup to be in.

No thanks to Mathews because he’s no good.