Who can lose with the most conviction?

Now that the teams in post season are decided, which team will do the best job of convincing people they actually want to stay in the West? Do either the Riders or the Eskimos actually want to win.

Options: Go to Calgary, play outside against the hottest team in the league or go East, play indoors the rest of the way against arguably lesser opposition.

Hopefully the All-Alberta Grey Cup remains a possibility but I think that Saskatchewan wants to lose more than Edmonton does. My gut says it's Edmonton vs Calgary two weeks in a row.

lets see, travel to ontario and quebec vs travel to alberta and BC

later is better for both teams and specially fans.

I expect fans to want the rider to go into the playoff on a win

I expect the team to want to win for their own confidence and competitiveness, as well as for their fans.

Losing is easy for both teams but Edmonton has first chance to win crossover to east. Edmonton is the coldest team (2-6) in second half of this season. Calgary may want to continue winning momentum into playoffs. Saskatchewan may be resting several starters such as Durant and Dressler. After losses, BC has a habit of rebounding and can afford to go all out to win because of upcoming bye week.

Sigh. Edmonton and Saskatchewan are both 0-2 against Montreal this year and we're still pretending it might be easier for them to cross over? Okay. And SSK has owned Calgary in the playoffs recently to boot.

Good lord. .. facts ? You're pointing out facts on the CFL fan forums ? Whatever has gotten into you d&p ??


I'm of the opinion that the road is easier for the Riders through the west. Not by much but it just doesn't seem possible to go through the East to me.
Like DP points out the Riders have owned the Henry Burris lead Stamps in the playoffs, but beating BC in BC has been tough for us. Beating Toronto in Toronto, is a definite possibility as they have done it once already. Beating Montreal in Montreal would not be an easy feat. Possible yes, but not easy.

No self-respecting professional athlete ever plays to lose.
If they do, they ought to just head to McDonalds with an application in hand, because they are in the wrong business.

IMO it would be nuts for either team to think that they could win three consecutive games after flying east. Too much long travel, too little real practice time, etc. Winning one game after West-to-East travel might be possible, but three? I just don't see it happening.

Neither team is going to try to lose, despite the title I gave the thread, but to say going through Calgary and BC is an easier route is IMO simply not true.

Whoever goes to Calgary plays out doors in what is probably the worst winter weather stadium in the league. The open end zones at McMahon and the south-north configuration make it a virtual wind tunnel. More injuries occur in cold weather, the field will be rock hard and the Stamps are probably the hottest team in the league right now. Then follow that up with a trip to B.C. with the formidable crowd noise, with or without the assistance from the stadium sound system.

The team that goes East will play in a visitor friendly atmosphere, the worst fans in the league in terms of support for the home team and likely a relatively quiet building. Follow that up with a trip to the Big Owe which is not as intimidating as Molson Stadium, it wil be loud but not close to B.C. Place.

There is more than the opposition to consider in terms of where you want to play. The players will tell you they don't care and they for sure will play it straight up but as a fan, the only reason I want Edmonton playing at McMahon is because I can attend the game. If it's Saskatchewan, it is a bonus for me cause I can cheer for my second favorite team, which ain't the Riders.

Edmonton going East also keeps the Canadian Dream alive.

Well, we'll see how well whichever western teams crosses over does. I'm sticking by my prediction that there is almost no chance Edm or Sask wins even two consecutive games in the East, much less three.

In what universe is a Calgary-Edmonton Grey Cup a "Canadian Dream"? Sure, I can see how some Albertans might like it, but Canada? Really?

Um....I think he's got a point VofR. :rockin:

Edmonton just went for it on 3rd and 11 instead of trying a field goal from 48. That's gotta get them the nomination for losing with conviction.

Who said this was a meaningless game?

I’m sure the Edmonton holder “accidentally” couldn’t get it on the tee. BTW, Calgary where is the horseshoe?