Who can down the Bombers?

I would also think the Argos are a real wild card. And if I was a Ti-Cat fan I would be a little worried as they wobbled through the whole season. Just the fact the Grey Cup should mean Hamilton will not make it to the final game. Just seems to be rare that the host is in the game.

To add to this claim. But in 2019 had it not been for injuries the bombers would probably have gone 14-4 at worst 12-6. Matt nichols before getting injured was in consideration for the MOP. Before his injury the bombers were 7-2 tied with hamilton. They barely lost to saskatchewan without nichols and harris. Which again with atleast one of them they win that game. Barely lost to the stamps at calgary without Nichols as well. which again with him they most likely win that game. The same can be said about VA comeback vs them. While it was amazing as an als fan one of the best games I have watched but I am not even in my 20s. They do not win this game if Nichols is there. Matt nichols had some flaws but one thing is for sure is that he got it done for winnipeg when it mattered. In my opinion if he was not out for the season Winnipeg win at labour day, montreal and mcmahon (not playoffs). Which makes them 14-4 and first in the west while being one win behind hamilton. At worst they only win the VA comeback game which still makes them 12-6 and second in the west which leads to the same result as before.


I won $300 when Toronto won that game. All the bets were made at the Edmonton Host venue just before we walked over to Lansdowne park for the game.

They laughed at me when I said "Toronto could win" and eagerly plucked down their cash. Was a sweet, sweet payday that day – and I'm not even an Argos fan.


Thats a great post

I really enjoyed seeing those perennial loser riders using that 13th man in the Grey Cup in Calgary against the Al's. I cheered and partied big time

Lol conspiracies?? I would love to hear these conspiracy theories you have heard from Stampfans.....

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And again in '87.

I think Riders will down the Bombers in West Final.

First games first, you're ahead of yourself

True, I guess.

Would love to see Bombers/Riders WF. Never gets old

Tall order.... I am a bleed green rider fan and the students gonna have their hands full with the stamps whom by the way will never defeat the Bombers in any playoff game

Could be good.

I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. I do think you need Fajardo to play well and if so it’s in the bag. By the time DD figures out he should have started Maier , it will be too late. I hear that Bo is changing his number to 39 to honour the epic half he had last week.

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Spell check got my post, the thing is the riders do not have an On-line that can our our QB the needed steamboats to defeat the Bombers... They have a better chance with with the semi final but NO TEAM gonna best the A team the movers will be putting on the field in the playoffs

Interesting fact

Since the Eskimos had their 5 year run as Grey Cup champs that finally ended in 1982 there has been exactly two (2) teams that have won back to back championships in the proceeding 37 yrs since (Argos 96-97) Alouettes (09-10).

As you can see it is a rather rare and difficult feat to win back to back championships in this league . I'm not saying that it's not impossible but I wouldn't be to cocky and confident if I was a fan of the Bombers that another Cup Is a foregone conclusion this season .

I did not know those numbers.

Bomber fans are far from thinking it is a forgone conclusion as far as I can tell and O’Shea reminds the players of that every day, which is all that counts.

But they had a great year and are the prohibitive favourite, which is a nice position to be in. After a barren 29 years we are allowed to enjoy it a bit. But no chickens being counted just yet. The games still have to be played.

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Not sure about that....you're cocky & confident as a TiCat fan.

Kindly show me one of my posts where I've clarified that the Cats will be in the Cup let alone that I have been cocky or confident that they will actually win the damn game if they do indeed make it there ?

I'll wait while you do your researching on any of my past posts about the subject .

Who has the best running game?
With Harris in and healthy - Winnipeg wins the cup.
Without Harris, Calgary may be a closer match than some think. Running game is great, D got shored up on the short side with Roberson, and Bo got another target in the last weeks.