Who broke Joe Thiesmann's passing record at Notre Dame?

Ok, sharpshooters, who broke Joe Thiesman's single-season passing record at Notre Dame? :cowboy:

Was it Tom Clements.

Nope...Not even close. :cowboy:

You guys are a little slow, so here's a hint:

He's currently on the active roster of a CFL team. :cowboy:

Jarious Jackson?

You are correct Dust!

Although I shouldn't be, I am always surprised (and impressed) at the level of American talent playing in the CFL... :cowboy:

And he had Nick Setta kicking for him didn't he?

Did he? From what I have read, Jackson's senior year was 1999 and Setta began in 2000... :cowboy:

Well never mind then :slight_smile:

Jarius Jackson