Who are your two picks now?

and then there were four, so who do think and want to see win the cup? You get four picks and it's very gauche to make impossible picks (IE Think BC & Edmonton, Want Winnipeg & Hamilton)

Wow, close poll.

I picked;

Think: Winnipeg - Edmonton
Want: Blue Bombers - Eskimos

Blue all the way baby

Heart says Cats and Schmoes.
Head says Bummers and Lions... with more confidence in the second pick here.

Cat fight in the GC! :wink:

I really want to cheer for Winnipeg out of the East as they are my brother-in-law and nephews team.. but I find some of thier players really dirty.. the hit Jyles took by, I believe, Sears kind of was the icing on the cake of a lot of dirty plays I saw by this team this year.. I hope they dont win...

The bombers are not a dirty team! Sears made a mistake, it happens. Not sure where else you got that Winnipeg is a dirty team from.

every team in the league has had a player who has made a questionable tackle, so if your looking for a clean fair team, football isnt for you buddy.