Who are your top 3 CFL players in each position?

I was just wondering what the thought is on this from CFL fans. Who do they think is the top 3 players at each position?

QB -
RB -
FB -
SB -
WR -
OT -
OG -
C -

DE -
DT -
CB -
DB -

Special Teams:
PK -
P -
PR -
KR -

QB- anthony Calvillo, Damon allen, Dave dickenson(when he's not injured)
RB- Charles roberts, robert edwards, kenton keith
FB- radelin is the only one outside of winnipeg i know
WR/SB- Milt Stegall, Geroy Simon, Arland Bruce
OL- Brian Chui, Matt Sheridan, whatever sask OL is the best

DE- Brent Johnson, Montford, Gavin Walls
DT- ed philion, adriono belli, whatever sask DT is the best
LB- Barrin Simpson, john Grace, Kevin Eiben
DB- Korey Banks, Karikari, Barron Miles

K damon duval
P prefontaine
KR corey holmes

Looks like YogidAbEAR really doesn't like the eskimos....

Anyways, here's mine

QB- Anothony Calvillo, Ricky Ray, Jason Maas, Damon Allen
RB- Robert Edwards, Charles Roberts, Joffrey Reynolds
SB/WR- Ben Cahoon, Jason Tucker, Jermaine Copeland
OL- Brian Chu, Gene Makowsky,

DL- Joe Montford, Gavin Walls, Brent Johnson
LB- John Grace, Barrin Simpson,
DB- Korey Banks, Richard Karikari, Donny Brady

K- Damon Duval, Sandro De'Angelis
P- Sean Fleming, Noel Prefontaine
KR- Tony Tompkins, Corey Holmes, Ezra Landry

QB- Anthony Calvillo, Dave Dickenson, Damon Allen
RB- Cory Holmes, Charles Roberts, Kenton Kieth
FB- Chris Sarka(speling?) thats all i really know
WR- Ben Cahoon, Jason Armstead, Matt Dominguez
OL- All of Sask O-line

DE- Brent Johnson, Gavin Walls I dont know anyone else
DT- Sasks DT
LB- Barrin Simpson
DB- KariKari Jones

K- Paul Mcallum
P- Paul Mcallum
KR- Cory Holmes

My pics for this are as follows:

QB - Ricky Ray, Anthony Calvillo, Henry Burris
RB - Kenton Keith, Roberts,Josh Ranek
FB - Chris Szarka, Sean Millington,Julian Radelin
SB - Jason Clermont, Ben Cahoon, Ed Hervey
WR - Matt Dominguez, Milt Stegall, Geroy Simon
OT - Andrew Greene,
OG - Gene Makowksy, Flory,
C - Jeremy Oday (sorry cant name others)

DE - Daved Benefield, Tim Cheatwood, Joe Montford
DT - Nate Davis, Scott Schultz, Ed Philion
OLB - John Grace,Antonius Bonner, Signor Mobley
MLB - Anwar Stewart, Reggie Hunt,Kevin Eiben
CB - Orlando Steinhauer, Clifford Ivory, LaDophyous McCalla
DB - Scott Gordon, Davin Bush, Barron Miles
Special Teams:
PK - Sean Fleming, Paul McCallum
P - John Ryan, Noel Prefontaine
PR - Bashear Levengston, Ezra Landry
KR - Corey Holmes

I would pick 3 at all positions and will once i find the names lol, and the returners are interchangeable.

Well is this not the stupidist post ever. Of course the homerisim will show up in this. And these posts it shows.

Ok, then you should not be able to pick anyone on your team, and pick the top 3 ... make it impossible for bomber fans to do this post...lol

Most Biased Post Ever :roll: . if we're going to play the bias game my picks would go like this
QB- anthony Calvillo, Damon Allen, Kevin Glenn
RB- Charles Roberts, Robert Edwards, Kenton kieth
WR/SB- stegall, Brazzell, Johnson III
Oline- all of Winnipegs line

DE- Gavin Walls, Tom Canada, Ron Warner
DT- Doug Brown, Joe Fleming
LB- Kyries Hebert, Barrin Simpson, John Grace
DB- Anthony Malbrough, Korey Banks, Kelly Malveaux
S- Karikari

funny thing is these standings are even more biased than your's were, but they're still more correct!

This would be a lot easier if each team had a depth chart on their website. I know certain players on teams are defensive lineman but I don't know if they are ends or tackles. So I'll pick 6 players for offensive line, 6 for defensive line, 6 defensive backs, and 6 linebackers.

QB - Calvillo, Allen, Burris
WR- Wakins, Armstead, Miles
SB - Tucker, Lewis, Simon
RB - Roberts, Holmes, Edwards
FB -Szarka, Vilimek, Millington
OL-Flory, Chiu, Makosky, Oday, Greene, Lambert
K/P Prefontaine, Deangelis, Duval

DB-Banks, Ivory, Morgan, Davis, Frank, Karikari
DL-Johnson, Montford, Shultz, Stewart, Brown, Walls
LB-Grace, Eiben, Simpson, Hunt, White, Barrenchea

KR/PR-Holmes, Tompkines, Levingston

more correct? If thats the case yogi, how come the bombers finished 5-13 last year :shock:

QB - Dave Dickenson, Anthony Calvillo, Ricky Ray
RB - Charles Roberts, Robert Edwards, Troy Davis
FB - Julian Radlein, Chris Szarka, Mike Vilimek
SB - Ben Cahoon, Jermaine Copland, Geroy Simon
WR - Jason Tucker, Arland Bruce III, Nik Lewis
OT - Uzuma Okeke, Dave Mudge, Fred Childress
OG - Gene Makowski, Dan Comiskey, Scott Flory
C - Brian Chiu, Jeff Keeping, George Hudson

DE - Gavin Walls, Brent Johnson, Tim Cheatwood
DT - Joe Montford, Nate Davis, Ed Philion
LB - John Grace, George White, Kevin Eiben
CB - Korey Banks, Omar Morgan, Davis Sanchez
DB - Barron Miles, Wes Lysack, Donny Brady

Special Teams:
P/K - Noel Prefontaine, Damon Duval, Sandro DeAngelis
PR/KR - Tony Tomkins, Arland Bruce III, Ezra Landry

Nice post Third. I'd go along with a lot of that, but Montford is an end, not a tackle.

QB - Anthony Calvillo
RB - Charles Roberts
FB - Chris Szarka
SB - Geroy Simon/Milt Steagal
WR - Arland Bruce III
OT - Ibby Kahn
OG - Gene Makowski
C - Brian Chiu

DE - Gavin Walls
DT - Nate Davis
LB - Barrin Simpson
CB - Korey Banks
DB -Richard Karikari

Special Teams:
P/K - Noel Prefontaine
PR/KR - Brashir Levingston

3 is to much I just went with 1 :lol:

Agree with Third.....Pretty good non bias selections.