Who are your three stars of the game?

  1. Glenn
  2. Davis
  3. Adams
  1. Davis
  2. Adams
  3. Hickman
  1. Johnson

  2. Stala (amazing catch).

  3. Davis

  1. Davis
  2. Knowlton
  3. Adams
  1. Chris Davis
  2. Darrel Adams
  3. 3 way tie between Stala, Knowlton, and J. Johnson

1st star ------ Cobb # 14

(for attracting all the spy's attention all week and making the Blue Bombers forget about all the other excellent talent we have.) :lol:

Cobb was the bait! He took one for the team tonight.

  1. Chris Davis

  2. Dave Stala

  3. Darrell Adams

  4. Greg Marshall, this defence is really starting to take shape, only 6 points allowed tonight by the D tonight.

  1. Glenn

  2. Davis

  3. Johnson


  1. Davis
  2. Glenn
  3. Stala

2. Adams
3. Mcintyre (spelling?)

  1. Davis
  2. Adams
  3. Auggie - filled in well for Otis
    Setta - kept us in the game for the first little bit AND had excellently placed punts to score us 2 extra
    Stala - great grab for the touchdown to seal the deal!

(1) GLEN
(2) Davis
(3)3 way tie between Stala, Auggie and J. Johnson

(1) Davis
(2) Johnson
(3) Cobb


And an honourable mention to that moronic coach of the other team............for:

(a) staying with LeFors way too long when it was obvious that he just couldn't get it done;
(b) lousy playcalling and questionable decision-making throughout the game;
(c) always having LeFors under centre and never ever using a different formation (made Greg Marshall's job that much easier).

It's tough to pick 3, but here are mine
In no particular order.

Davis, Bo Smith, HIckman (honourable mention to Adams, J. Johnson and Adams)

^^^ Wow! You must think Adams is VERY honourable! :wink:

Shabaaz (yes without Shabaaz it would easily have been 40-6)

thats my list.

The D-line (They work as a unit so kudos to all of them)
The O-line (Our QB's had time to hit receivers on the mark on many occasions)
Setta (His average and placement speaks for itself)

Stala and Davis should get the stars along with the entire defense. Good game over all.....