Who are your favourite ennemies?

winnerpegger- youre nuts! no way jose!


As for the topic on this post, I give it ago

BC: Casey Printers (sympay vote there :slight_smile: )
Edmonton: Ricky Ray
Calgary: Brain Clark (Come back to Winnipeg, please!)
Saskatchewan: Nelson Greene
Winnipeg: Michna, Canada, Roberts
Hamilton: Brandy, Yeast
Toronto: Neol Prefotaien
Ottawa: Joseph
Montreal: A.C.

B.C. - Casey Printers
Edm - Ed Hervey
Calg - George White
Sask - Nate Davis
Winn - Milt Stegall
Ham - Troy Davis
Tor - Damon Allen
Ott - Josh Ranek
Mont - Ed Philion

bc - geroy simon
edm - trevor gaylor
cal -nik lewis
sask- holmes
wpg- wane mcgarity (i dont know why)
tor- arland bruce . i wish the bb got him back
ham- amerson, maybe yeast
ottawa - i used to really like bendross what happened to him?, armstead i guess
mtl - definately landry, gotta like short dudes

Darth Vader is my choice.

Alouettes: Landry
Renegades: Ranek
Argos: Allen
Ti-Cats: Yeast
Blue Bombers: Stegall
Roughriders: Greene
Eskimos: Monford
Stampeders: Burris
Lions: Simon

My favourite enemy fans are all you guys that picked Yeast!

Lions: Printers
Stamps: Burris
Eskies: Derrell Mitchell
Riders: Szarka
Bombers: Stegall (when he's healthy)
Renegades: I guess, Joseph
Als: Landry
Argos: as the chant goes, "6'2", Double Blue, Mike O'Shea's coming after you"
Ti-Cats: have you ever known an Argo fan that likes any Ti-Cat? :lol:

  1. Sask. - George Reed / Corey Holmes
  2. Calg. - Peter Liske / Fetterer
  3. Winnipeg- Tom Clemens/ Troy Westwood
  4. BC- Joe Kapp/ Lui Passaglia
  5. Edmonton- Gene Kiniski/ Tom Wilkinson
  6. Ottawa - Jean Chretien/ Pierre Trudeau
  7. Montreal- Jacques Plante / Guy LaFleur
  8. Hamilton- Angelo Mosca / Don Sutherin
  9. Toronto- Dick Shatto/ Howie Meeker

Riders Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lions - Barrin Simpson, IMO, the best linebacker in the league
Esks - Joe Montford
Stamps - Demitrius Maxie
Riders - Reggie Hunt
Bombers - Spurgeon Wynn, Bombers are stupid not to play him.
Als - Terry Vaughn
Ticats - Danny McManus
Argos - Mike O'Shea
Gades - Josh Ranek

Lions-Dave Dickenson
Stamps-John Grace
Riders-Kenton Keith
Blue Bombers-Milt Stegall
Ottawa-Kerry Joseph
Montreal-Terry Vaughn
Hamilton-Whats-his-first-name Cox, and Blah-Blah Barrenechea
Toronto-Damon Allen

BC- Dickenson (west final last year)
EDM - Ricky Ray
Winn - Charles Robers
Cal - Henry Burris

Tor - Damon Allen
Ham - Danny Mac
Mon - Calvillo
Ott - Josh Ranek

BC- Simon
WIN- Troy Westwood haha jk, i don't think any rider fan would pick him.....John Ryan
Sask-Chris Szarka
Tor- Allen
Ham-Troy Davis
Ott-Kerry Joesph

B.C. - Carl Kidd
Edm. - Ricky Ray
Sask. - Nate Davis
Winn. - Roberts
Cal. Scott Coe
Mtl. - Ezra Landry
T.O. - Arland Bruce
Ham. - Troy Davis
Ott. - Frank Cutolo

B.C. - Casey Printers
Edmonton - Wicky Way
Calgary - Anybody except Burris
Winnipeg - Stokes or Canada
Mtl - Landry
Toronto - Damon Allen
Hamilton - Troy Davis
Ottawa - Kerry Joseph - This kid will be one of the best in the upcoming years. don't laugh, its true

Saskatchewan - I know, its not an enemies team, but my fav is matt dominguez, too bad he is out. The team would suck without good ole roy

MTL: Landry/Cahoon (tie)
TOR: O'Shea
OTT: Ranek/Armstead (tie)
HAM: McManus (class act)

BC: Dickenson
EDM: Montford (hope he plays another 10 years)
WIN: Stegall
SAS: Szarka
CAL: Burris

BC: Dickenson
Edm: Tucker
Calgary: Burris
Sk: McCallum :slight_smile:
Peg: Westwood :slight_smile:
Tor: Pinball
Ham: Ben Sankey shouldn't have been cut
Monteal: Ezra is new favorite
OTt: Joseph

Tom Canada is awful. Gavin Walls and Antwone Young have showed alot of promise. The Bombers will continue to be lit up down feild unless we get pressure on the QB. Tom Canada can't do that. Watch him play. He gets slaped around out there.

Here's another one for me

Lions - Clermont
Esks - Maas
Stamps - Grace
Bombers - Fleming
Riders - Holmes
Als - Stewart
Argos - Lewis (Bo)
Ticats - Davis
Gades - Cutolo

British-Columbia - Geroy Simon.. Always admired watching him play.
Calgary - Jermaine Copeland.. Also, admired watching him play for Montreal and now Calgary!
Edmonton - Ricky Ray He's so damn good! >.<
Saskatchewan - Kenton Keith..Love this guy..fun player to watch - love his speed.
Winnipeg - CHARLES ROBERTS BABY :smiley: I love watching the little guy speed past everyone..I do also enjoy Stegall (Oh Yes) and of course Keith Stokes and his crazy speed too :smiley:
Hamilton - Craig Yeast.. I love watching the fast little guy.
Toronto - Arland Bruce..Loved this guy when he was in Winnipeg and I'll still love him even if he is with the Argonauts.
Ottawa - Josh Ranek.. Love the running backs.
Montreal - Ben Cahoon..Very fun guy to watch when he makes those crazy catches. Also, I'm liking Ezra Landry too!

My favourite enemies (I hate them all but they are all good!):

Ottawa: the north side! They all suck!
Montreal: Ben Cahoon
Toronto: Walter Baker, the touchdown maker!
Hamilton: used to be Joe Montford but now, I have no favourite. Maybe MacManus as a sympathy vote.

Edmonton: Ricky Ray.
BC: Dickenson
Saskatchewan: used to be Burris but now, I'll go with Kenton Keith.
Calgary: used to be Joe Fleming, now Nik Lewis.
Winnipeg: Charles Roberts.