Who are your favourite ennemies?

It is easy to have a favourite player in the team you cheer for. It's tougher to admit there are amazing guys amongst your rivals. I'm pretty certain, though, that everyone has a favourite guy in every team. Who would be yours?


British-Columbia: Geroy Simon
Calgary: John Grace
Edmonton: Malcolm Frank
Saskatchewan: Corey Holmes
Winnipeg: Tom Canada
Hamilton: Troy Davis
Toronto: Noel Prefontaine
Ottawa: Jerome Haywood
Montreal: Anwar Stewart

Just off the top of my head.

BC - Dave Dickenson
Calgary - John Grace
Saskatchewan - Matt Dominguez
Winnepeg - Milt Stegall
Hamilton - Adriano Belli
Toronto - Damon Allen
Ottawa - Josh Ranek
Montreal - Ben Cahoon

BC - Geroy Simon
Calgary - John Grace
Edmonton - Mike Bradley
Saskatchewan - Corey Holmes
Winnipeg - Troy Westwood. . .no wait. . .I can't stand him. How about John Ryan?
Hamilton - Troy Davis
Toronto - Mike O'Shea/Noel Prefontaine
Ottawa - Josh Ranek
Montreal - Scott Flory - gotta root for the guy who helped us win a Vanier Cup!

Good idea for a thread !


BC: Printer, this guy is the futur of that team, don't agree ?? Ship it by Fed-Ex at Montreal COD, we'll pay the transport
Edmonton: Joe Montfort, he's dangerous, period!
Calgary: Joffrey Reynolds, IMO, the best RB
Sask: Travis Moore
Wp's: Tom Canada

Ti-Cat: Craig Yeast
TO: Pinball Clements, ok he's not a player, but he's so classy.
Eric England, the best at this position...
Ott: Kai Ellis
Mtl: Kevin Johnson, one of the best !

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I wrote this more like "What players do fear the most"

You Should Tally Up The Totals And See Who Everyones Favourite Players Are.

B.C.- Dickenson
Edmonton- Jason Tucker
Calgary- Copeland
Saskatchewan- Nealon Greene
Winnipeg- Milt Stegall
Hamilton- Darren Flutie (It's Blastfimy To Pick Anyone Still Playing), Or Dan Crowley, Best Passer The Ti-Cats Have Had In Resent Past.
Ottawa- Josh Ranek
Montreal- Ezra Landry, He's Got Some Legs.

Good idea!

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Ok, I'll tally the results, but I'll wait to get more answers, because four won't be representative.

Makes Sense

Well done T & T. Good thread and a helluva lot more fun than some of the stuff we have seen lately. It's even directly related to football, gives everyone a chance to state their opinion and doesn't insult anyone. I hope there some posters paying attention here.

I am actually really interested to see your results, although it might snowball into a lot of work on ya.


bc- printers
calgary- brian clark
edmonton-jason tucker
saskatchewan-nealon greene
winnipeg-tom canada
hamilton-troy davis
toronto- arland bruce
ottawa-kerry joseph
montreal-ezra landry( hes soo small!!!)

Admit it! You’d like a plush toy of Ezra Landry! :stuck_out_tongue:

BC: Dickenson
Cal: George White
Edm: Tucker
Winnipeg: Ryan
Hamilton: Yeast
Tor: Allen
Ott: Ranek
Mtl: Cahoon

haha youre funny,and i just think that its hilarious that hes so small and he can kick everyones butt!

Tom Canada will be cut soon, just wait and see…

.......why?........maybe traded, but cut?!........

He only kicks everyone’s butt because no one can get their mitts on him. They go for the hit - wait a minute, I’ve aimed too high! I’m going straight over the top of him!! :smiley:

Side note: I like him, too.

Landry is electrifying there is no doubt. Interesting side note that at the conclusion of last weekend, Landry was actually second, not first in punt returns. I guess that means there are a couple butts out there that aren’t bruised just yet.


Hi! Hi! Hi! i don’t think he’s able to reach anobody’s butt… :stuck_out_tongue:

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cal-brian clark
sask- holmes
wpg-stoddard-bet he doesn't get too many votes
bc-elewonibi-i have always liked him but is is way past his prime 2nd-dickenson
tor- allen
ott joseph
mont- cahoon-tough call
ham - tony champion-- oh wait i think he retired a couple years ago- yeast

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