Who are your favourite CFL offensive and defensive players of all time?

just like the title says: who are your favourite CFL players in history on offence and defence?

bonus question is did you get to see them play live?

i’m going with Doug Flutie and Cam Wake

saw them both a number of times. the shoeless Flutie west final in 92 is one of my fondest CFL memories.

i also loved Warren Moon


My all-time favourite offence player is Garney Henley.
My all-time favourite defense player is Garney Henley.

I saw them both play.


That's a tough question. Especially with all the good ones here.

I'll go Warren Moon as well, just on the basis of winning.

Defence - Danny Kepley. The anchor of the EE late 70's early 80's defence. Still remember a game I went to where BC kept running an end around with John Henry White. They ran it too many times and on the snap Kepley headed for the sidelines with determination. When they met - they went in the direction Kepley was travelling and you could hear the contact and the oooof. BC didn't run that play again that day.....


I'm a more recent CFL fan so I'll go with Fred Stamps and JC Sherritt (even though he's a traitor).

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So did I my friend, and it's impossible to argue with your response.

You at least paid attention. . . the thread is only asking for 2-way players, since it asks "Who IS" and not "Who ARE".

So congrats !! :grinning:


lol nice catch with my grammatical miscue. i fixed :grin:

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My 2 are certainly slanted to my team preference and doesn't reglect who the best was rather my favorites

On D in his prime Bobby Jurisin .....he was a wrecking machine and played with a fire you dont see in many players now

On O - Ray Elgaard. The man was a Beast. Othet than 89 had he played on an actual decent team he would hold stat records to this day. He was limited woth the aweful rider teams of much of the 80's

Both players had a very old school nasty to.them ( not dirty play ) that made.them horrible to play against

I only started following the CFL in 2001, so I'll confine my picks to the past 20 years or so.

Favorite non-Al offensive player: Charles Roberts. That dude was a joy to watch in his prime. Always love seeing players with non-traditional body types thrive at important positions.

Favorite Als offensive player: Anthony Calvillo. Fairly self-explanatory pick.

Favorite non-Al defensive player: Joe Montford. Always entertaining, even when playing on losing teams.

Favorite Als defensive player: Really tough. Probably a three-way tie between Anwar Stewart, Chip Cox, and John Bowman.

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I liked Bowman. Also liked Calvillo but I liked Ricky Ray and Mike Reilly better. I also think Matt Nichols could have been great for the Esks if he hadn't been injured at a key moment.

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yea that was the intention of my post - favourite player as opposed to an objective best. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ray to Tucker for the TD was a thing of beauty and nigh unstoppable for a long time. I also enjoyed the Ray-Calvillo head-to-head wars even though my team usually came up on the short end of that stick (see the 2003 and 2005 Grey Cups).

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Because it's such a long road traveled

Can't just pick one I am greedy .

offence growing up I enjoyed his regular guy just came off the street looks and approach ...... Tom Wilkinson "Wilkie " I like people who don't take themselves too seriously but can also endure the punishment he had taken . He was Moons mentor .

I think it was Dan Kepley thought he was the janitor or equipment guy .

Later as an adult has to be Doug Flutie even though he was never on my team he lifted the CFL to a very entertaining level .

Defence as a kid ....

wanted to be Larry Highbaugh playing pick up ball .

Later on the guy that kind of stood out to me was James West and

really later on like today Willie Jefferson stands out .

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MY 2 choices as well!!!!!!

Milt Stegall.

On defense, James West, Greg Battle & the best defensive-back to play in the CFL in the past 3 decades, Rod Hill.

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Doug Flutie
Less Browne (honorary mention to Andre Francis, Larry Highbaugh and Larry Crawford)

Bobby Jurasin. I have posted elsewhere that there is a reason why.

On the offensive side....hmmmm. I live in Sask so I feel like I should say Reed, but I'm too young to have ever seen him play.

Maybe Ben Cahoon

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Dickie Harris was a DB for the Als from ‘72 to ‘80. A repeat all star, voted one of the top 50 players of the modern era.
He rejected an NFL contract (I forget who with) to join the Als. I proudly wear my Harris #18 Pepsi Cola 70’s jersey to every Ottawa home game. The older Ottawa fans show respect when they see it. (Redblack fans are class)
Junior Ah You was a close second. Best name ever though.

For offence, Anthony Calvillo for obvious reasons, with Ben Cahoon #2.

Yes, I saw one as a child, and the other as an old man.

Non Als are Doug Flutie and Highbaugh

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My favorite offensive player was Kevin Glenn... his sense of humour and his quest to sign with every team in the CFL was kinda epic. My favorite defensive player was/is Adam Bighill. Beside his status as the best MLB we've had this Century he's a champion for kids with facial differences.


Regardless of the sentence structural change by you, my reply remains:

My favourite offensive team member was Garney Henley. And, Garney Henley was my favourite defensive team member.

A close second place favourite offensive team member was the late great Hal Patterson. A close second place favourite defensive member was the late great muchly hated Angelo Mosca.


oh yea i loved Biggie when he was a Lion. the combination of him and Elimimian were a force.