Who Are You?

didnt see this thread yet so i'd figure i'd start a thread to introduce yourselves.

Derek, 24yrs old, Stamps season ticket holder

Jen- 20 - Rider fan born and raised in Saskatoon currently in Ontario but at least that gives me Ivor wynne or Skydome to go to for games....it's a lot easier then driving to Regina!

Dave - 30-something, for another year :wink: - Hamilton boy and Ti-Cat fan. Can often be found at Ivor Wynne, Section 23.

George-39-Ohio,usa Born and raised in N.Y. CFL fan for many years but still haven't been to a game. Maybe this November when I and some friends are in Montreal for a long weekend.

Jack, Toronto, CFL fan since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, which is too many years ago that I care to remember. Yes I'm old.......I admit it.....the guy who invented the wheel? I was best friends with his Dad.

Alouette fan since the days of Etcheverry, Dixon and Clark; and especially the years of the most underrated QB in CFL history, Sonny Wade.

But I support the CFL, and do not hate any team; wish them all well this year, and I think it is going to a good year, close races in the standings, no team will be a pushover this year.

papa from the north-end Peg.....been around this ol' cfl. game since 57' geez Madjack I can remember Dixon and Clark in the AL's backfield (twin running backs as I recall)....like it was yesterday....they weren't as good as Leo Lewis; though pretty impressive. The big blue have always been my team and I've seen some pretty good football players come and go in this league ....Bernie Faloney....Russ Jackson ...Ronnie Stewart......Hal Patterson...big names from the east I can recall ,to name a few....sounds like we are from around the same era....cheers.... :smiley:

Same era it would appear.....and I recall your team of those years, Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis, Jim Van Pelt.............awesome.

Yes, Dixon and Clark were a tandem, a running game you just don't see anymore, even in the NFL.

Jenn, 24-year-old Argos fan...my boyfriend Nathan & I are Argos season ticket holders for our second year in a row. Last year went to the Grey Cup in Ottawa & watched the Argos win...looking for another opportunity to watch Allen hoist the cup! :stuck_out_tongue:

THE WHO'S............ last GREAT ..........CD! :lol:

Curly, not realy a dog. 4th year season tickets.

Are the signatures ever going to work? :mrgreen:

Shaun, from Cambridge Ontario, but live in Seoul South Korea now. Miss the cfl sooooo much.

Regan from TORONTO.........and my wife Yukari , is from TOKYO,Japan.....she is now living with me. We are both ARGO fans and 44 years old.

We went to OTTAWA for the 2004 GREY CUP and have had ARGO season tickets since , 1989.........when the DOME opened.........We saw the greatest GREY CUP, ever........SASK. beat HAMILTON.........43 TO 40.

My first GREY CUP , was when I was 8 years old [1976] with my dad ,when I saw TONY GABRIEL [OTTAWA] make the "REAL" catch.....to beat SASK. on the last play of the game.

My late father.........was the inventor of the ARGO'S , BOAT LOGO , {crest.} :smiley:

Carson- from Kelowna, possibly younggest guy on the forum(15), lookin forward to the upcommin season in both the CFL and my high schools football season, i think it is retarded how high school plays NFL rules, goin to the Grey Cup this year in Vancouver with a bunch of friends... GO LIOS

Shaun here in wpg , i was a big Stamps fan when the Bombers were in the east still like the team but cant cheer for em anymore, Always loved the Bombers even in the tj rubly days and reindbold era, also former Manitoba Bison play by play announcer . Love the CFL, looks like its gonna be a wild ride in the west this year good luck everyone

Francois (Swah) in Ottawa. Argo fan with my Dad until 88 when we decided to jump ship and chear for the Rough Riders (Super Season 88!) and got season's tix so we could go to Grey Cup! It seems that as soon as we stopped rooting for the Argos, they got better! Then looked what happened to the Riders! Anyway, season tix holder since the beginning of the Rens and will be to the end. Southside Rocks! North Side Sucks. Go Rens Go!

Hi Mad-Jack and papaloosa! I am a cfl fan since the 1950's also. I started with the Argos because I lived in Toronto then. I even saw a cfl game at Varsity Stadium. I think Knobby Wirkowski was the Argo QB. I was much more a Maple Leaf fan in those days though - Teeder Kennedy, Tod Sloan, Tim Horton, el al - ah, the good old days! I've lived in Regina since 1969. It took me a while to warm up to the Roughies, but I finally bought season tickets in 1990 and have been an ardent fan ever since.

I hope as many of us as possible enjoy the 2005 season.

Let’s see if this makes sense. I’m 29. Grew up a Rough Riders fan in the Ottawa Valley (Pembroke) til they left. Switch teams. Now I’m a Stamps season ticket holder who lives in Brooks, AB and loves the Ti-Cats more than life itself. Piece of cake.

Born 73 in Newfoundland. Big bombers fan from 1980 - early 90s - watched them win a few grey cups in those years. I wanted to spend summers in Winnepeg to see the games.

Moved to Calgary in 97 and went to first CFL game and was hooked. The atmosphere at McMahon stadium was awesome from 97-02. Moved back to Newfoundland and still cheering on the stamps. Looking forward to a winning season.

Celebrated grey cup victories in 84,88,90 for the bombers
Celebrated grey cup victories in 98, 2001 for the stampeders. I videotaped the 98 celebration at Olympic plaza.

My name is Peter, i'm 38 and a life long Ti-cat fan and seasons ticket holder. That about sums it up for me.