Who are you now....

JareCanada is now SubwayJare

Being the newest BoxJBoy I was given the name since I’ve continued to get to Jared’s origninal weight prior to starting his diet.

Just for the record I’ll be ripped by the Grey Cup!

Cheers Everyone, See you at the game!

My CFL.ca name still works....HAAAAA I'm still JareCanada....Yahooooo!!!!


Had to change from PseudoIntellectual to Pseudo

I'm still halifax...

I used to be spike, now I'm ticatsackattack.

I had to shorten my name from Mikefromthehammer. No worries though. I'm sure everyone will still know who I am.

I was garneyfan now I am TC26. Same number (26) different name.

No matter what the name is I still hate the argos.

Seeing I was the only confessed "argonut" of many I will join with a more neutral...lol...name of "Doubleblue".


I'm still me. That is the good part of having a weird name. :slight_smile:

Good to see everyone!

Now that we are part of the CFL message board lets show the fans of the other teams what being a Ticat is all about!

If you have had to change your name let us know if you haven't yet.


I shortened my name from FUNKY GRANNY to FANG. :smiley:

ok...had to do some creative stuff but this is me.....

and in true Gemini fashion.....this is me also!.....

Now I can debate myself as I discovered a way to log in under both usernames at the same time....neat eh? :lol:

(who will win I wonder :wink: )

I'll be using this one though as it is much sleeker and fashionable.. 8)

I'm still me here and the 13th man ready to rumble and be on you guys!!!

tigerseye is now steeltiger14 :lol:

I am having profile and password problems help mods???

wcg86 is still good old wcg86. You can't get rid of me that easily.

14TC64 aka Ticatroar Now Onknight

TCMIK is still TCMIK :wink: