Who are you excited about

I'm talking more unknowns here.

For me

Terrell Parker

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B84mzu8oKI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1i3D0RgPww http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyZAHp2eFK4

Mark Dewit

Good articles on him

[url=http://www.thegauntlet.ca/story/double-threat-rocks-cis-season]http://www.thegauntlet.ca/story/double- ... cis-season[/url] [url=http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player-Details/?ID=2259&return=%2Fplayers%2F%3FView%3DLastName%26Data%3Dd]http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player ... 26Data%3Dd[/url]

(3 part road to the CFL series)
Part 1

[url=http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit-road-to-the-cfl-part-1]http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit- ... cfl-part-1[/url] [url=http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit-road-to-the-cfl-part-2]http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit- ... cfl-part-2[/url] [url=http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit-road-to-the-cfl-part-3]http://argonauts.ca/article/mark-dewit- ... cfl-part-3[/url]

I went on the ticat fan forum and asked them what they had to say about him because they had seen him play the most. They were very generous in their praises for the man.

[url=http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player-Details/?ID=2259&return=%2Fplayers%2F%3FView%3DLastName%26Data%3Dd]http://www.proplayers.ca/players/Player ... 26Data%3Dd[/url]

Here's his combine results. Keep in mind they are from 4 years ago, so you can add 4 years of working out.

Bench 14 reps
Vert 29 (finished ahead of D. Tsoumpas 28, B. LaBatte 24.75)
Broad 8'6" (finished ahead of B. LaBatte8'4.5", D. Tsoumpas had 8'7.5")
Shuttle 4.62 (D. Tsoumpas 4.73, B. LaBatte 5.00)

....Parker looks to be very quick (must be a helluva dancer :lol: )...Potential for sure....We picked up Dewit for depth or possibly taking the centre spot...I like what he brings....Certainly has CFL experience...Don't know why ham. parted ways with him...Doesn't seem to be because of his play..Stamps are deep on the o line and didn't see a need for him, I would imagine...He could be a real steal and looking forward to see what he does in tc. :thup:

DeWitt should make the centre battle in TC a good one to watch between him and the incumbent Sorensen. Not sure if Kowalczuk figures into that battle anymore. Whoever loses the battle is still a good option to backup at multiple positions.

Cauchy Muamba to me has the biggest excitement factor. Logan has manned the safety spot for a while, I will be interested to see if they pit Muamba vs Logan in a winner take all battle for the starting job or whether they try either of them elsewhere, maybe SAM and try to get them on the field together somehow. They trimmed some of the NI safeties they had by letting Browne go today. Browne was a decent backup but he just couldn't stay on the field. They still have West, plus Westerman and Teague, but the real battle will be Logan and Muamba if they keep them at safety.

Parker to me looked confused at times when he got to play on defense, hopefully with a year under his belt he's a bit more prepared. He'll have a leg up, but any other LB that comes it should see a job opening and that could spur a good competition as well.