Who are you cheering for now?

The CFL has little interest for me without our Cats, I don't really care who wins. I'm feeling mighty down. :frowning: :oops:



Oski Just Win, Baby,


Sorry to say this but I like the Als even less than the As. For me it goes back to a game in the 90s when the Als fans behind their team booed O Canada. I know it was the fans and not the team but after that they are last on my list. So in the East I hope the As put out Calvillo and his crew but get stomped by whoever wins the final in the west.

I'm cheering for the Habs!

When the next CFL season starts I'll be cheering for the Ti-Cats.

This weekend however I will be cheering for the Als, I will never cheer for the Arblows!

have to pick the Args over the Al’s, - time for another team in the G.C.
Sask to win the G.C. over the Arg’s

Since I wouldn't lower my standard of living to cheer for the A***, so it's anybody but them.Though I will be pulling for the UNBSJ Seawolves as they play Dalhousie Tigers for the AFL championship Saturday.


Anybody except for those cocky load mouth jerks down the QEW. I still can't believe the Cats did not make an attempt to shut those idiots up. Just think the Tiger Cats don't have a guy on there team that feels a need to kiss other men in public. Sorry, I just don't find that kind of behavior acceptable , then again it's AR#@H)(*&s

Go Riders!!!!!

CP is reporting that "in excess of 56 thousand" are expected at the Big O for todays Eastern Final.
And we were so close....... :cry:

Time for the CFL to put another team in Q city. I know I won't be cheering for the Boatmen so I guess it will be the Allwets. :expressionless: :frowning:

I honestly believe that it will be Montreal vs. Calgary in the Grey Cup and that Calgary will be the 2010 Champs. Hopefully, it'll be an entertaining game, similar to the Western Semi-Final. If Calgary does win the big game, will Jesse Lumsden be entitled to a Grey Cup ring? That would be interesting if he is eligible to get one. Some would call it a big ripoff, while others would say it would be "poetic justice" !! 8)

Prog: According to Wikipedia:

  All players who are dressed for the Grey Cup get their names engraved on the Grey Cup but if a player is not dressed for whatever reason they are not included. However even if their name is not on the Grey Cup eg injured,  they are still entitled to a Grey Cup ring from their team.

The Riders. If they had lost whoever came out of the east including, I can't believe I'm saying this, Winnipeg in the GC.

Let's hope Henry gets his mop and we never have to hear him whine again about 12 yrs of no recognition. He's a hall of flamer and we all know it, as does he. It's a yearly award that anyone can win, so accept that you may not be the best in any given year, but squeaky wheel gets the grease!

I have to cheer for Montreal. I am sick and tired of the guys in the green stripe shirts calling phantom pass interference calls when the riders have the ball. Two games they were outplayed and two games in the playoffs the refs in the green stripes gave them scoring opportunities time and time again. Enough when the ball is tossed up for grabs it is anyones ball.