Who are you cheering for now?

Gotta say I'm torn between Montreal and Calgary, and I hope they meet in the Grey Cup.

Burris and the Stampeders have been awesome at times, and it would be nice to see the Alouette's win one more time before the current core fades away and go down in CFL lore.

Cheering for in what? Football is over. :lol:

Much as it pains me to say so I'd have to go with the Riders. Can't cheer for the east. Don't like the Stamps.

New Orleans. At this point the only interest in the Grey Cup that I have is what kind of beer to buy for the party

Als are my distant #2 team. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I like the underdog thing with the Blue team but I don't think they can beat Montreal....and then the western finalist.

Anyone but the Ar-blows.

I'll probably root for the Als, if for no other reason than I don't find their fans to be as annoying as the other ones. When I went to Montreal, they were very classy even as they spanked the Cats. I guess that's what years of winning football does to a fan base.

Man U.


EAST: If they can rattle Calvillo like they did Glenn and others on the Ticats, the Argos have a chance.

WEST: I like the Riders in this game by 9 points based on momentum

Now to answer the real question:

I'll be cheering for Montreal and Saskatchewan

The Als, only because another Grey Cup might convince A.C. to stay one more season, which might actually hurt the team, because Adrian McPhearson is a force to be reckoned with.

Honestly though, now that our season is over, it's time to switch back into hockey mode. GO DOGS GO!

And the Hamilton Red Wings.

Als in the east and Riders in the west. Riders win the cup and redeem last year.

Cheering for anybody but the Cats makes me feel dirty. :expressionless:

So: nobody.

Montreal to crush the Argos so much, the Gatorade jugs will have "lemonade" in them...

I'm also cheering for the sale of Ticat colouring playbooks on eBay, thread eliminations notwithstanding. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


The Bulldogs..... and maybe the Riders

Tiger Cats 2011

For entertaining games from here on in, that's about it. Some interesting games this weekend if you're a CFL fan first and foremost and that is what I am.

The Cats and the Argos are 1a and 1b for me so this is an easy question. If they lose to the Als, then I'll cheer for the Als in the GC. Gotta go with the East.

An Argo-Cat fan

Oakland Raiders, guess I just love average teams that used to be great. Hopefully they'll be champs in a year or two, just like I'm hoping to have a new Grey Cup banner around Ivor Wynne after 2011!

I've lost my own team, the Ticats, and the Lions. Albertans can't cheer for Toronto, and Edmontonians should be tarred and feathered if they cheer for Calgary. Personally, I gotta go against my Sask-born dad and oppose the Riders. Which leaves me with... Allez les Alouettes!