Who are you cheering for in the playoffs?

Ok, Rider Nation, since our team is out, who are you going to cheer for in the playoffs? Me, I'm cheering for Ottawa. I'm so happy for the fans there that after 30 years of crap teams, kookoo owners, and worst of all, no team at all, CFL football is back and better than ever in our nations Capital. Go RedBlacks!


It's tough for me to cheer for any team other than the riders.
So I am cheering for well played entertaining games that go down to the wire Irregardless of outcome as I enjoy watching a well played CFL game .

Anyone but the Stamps, but yeah I certainly wouldn't be upeset to see Ottawa take it all.

Red Blacks and Ticats. Anyone from the east.

I'd cheer redblacks, except henry is there, so the Cats... west Edm... I like Riely!!

Argos - like to see Ray get Toronto going on all fronts.

The Stamps are always my 2nd team.
Anybody but the Lions, actually

Ottawa from the east. I dont have a west team but I called an Ottawa Edmonton GC a few weeks back.

:thdn: :P

Probably Ottawa, it's a feel good story and the support they've gotten has been tremendous. It seems like it's got great atmosphere in the new stadium as well, and they've packed it pretty well.

Hopefully the move next year for the Argo's puts them in a similar boat. Would be nice to see some stability in the East.

To Hell with the East, it would be nice to see some stability with our team but I'm not referring to fan support.

I'd like an Ottawa-Edmonton Grey Cup and an Ottawa win. I believe with Ottawa in the GC it would at least offer fans the opportunity of having a healthy team with all the starters playing.

Well I hope Edmonton wins this, I hate Henry so I hope they lose. And Reiley has earned this!!


Cheering for Sholagan, Evens & Milo - to have good games.

Depends if Good Hank or Bad Hank shows up on Sunday.

Any one but the Evil Empire.