Who are you cheering for in the Division Finals?

For the Eastern Conference Final, I will be cheering for the Argos.... IMO, I believe they can pull off the upset and make it to the GC on their home turf. I would like to see someone other than the Als represent the East. I think this game will be a lot closer than people think, but I'm hoping the Argos can keep it close and steal the game late.

As for the Western Conference final, this is really a tough choice... I have a really healthy dislike for both teams... but, I think I will cheer for the Stamps... so long as Cornish doesn't feel the need to show us his best side! :lol: BC is a great team, but I believe they are beatable.

I will be cheering for Montreal and Calgary if for no other reason, I don't want to see an all Braley Grey Cup.

I will of course be cheering for Calgary to win in the West.

I really don't care who wins the East, I just hope that there is no controvercy. Every call that goes Toronto's way will be questioned and hopefully they don't give any ammunition for the conspiracy theorists.

I'm going for the Argos in the east. Don't think they're going to win or even make it close, but they are my team so I'm still cheering for them.

In the west Calgary. Best team down the stretch and after all the BS this season with Mitchell and Wally and the Lions standing behind every idiotic thing he did I really want to see them lose.

Tough call, grew up cheering for the Argos but switched to the Cats when I moved to Hamilton many years ago. Still have a soft spot for them so I'll cheer for the Argos but they are going to get whipped I think by the Als.

In the west, have to go with the Stamps, have always liked Kevin Glenn and even though he won't be starting or playing much I doubt, I that's ok. But Lions win this one easy I think.

All Braley Grey Cup does have some intriguing lines to it I must say though, that would be interesting. VoiceofReason, I am hoping that some calls go the Argos way to contribute to the "conspiracy" theories, it makes for an interesting story, and that's just it, a story of fiction but lots of reporters will be writing about it should the Argos pull an upset. That will add to the fun of the GC I think.

All the possible matchups are a blast IMO. We have the top four teams fighting it out for their place in the GC With the remainnig 3 games played indoors in the three big Canadian Stadiums so we know teams will be able to move the ball. Could not be more happy.

although I cheer for leos, I will be ok with either western team, but I really do not want the see montreal in the cup, yet again.

Not afraid of potential brailey conspiracy bs.

those who would indulge in such are idiots.

Come on Hf, you're living in Canada and a Canadian I assume, what's wrong with some snow?

Montreal in the East, because my wife is a huge Als fan and I don't want to be thrown out. :cowboy:

I like both teams in the West and don't have a favorite there.

As a lifetime Canadian, I'll take an indoor stadium any day of the week over sitting in rain, sleet, snow or frigid temps.
Being a Canadian does not negate the desire for personal comfortability.

yes Earl, I am a wuss. :wink:

East: picked Montreal, thus Calvillo with his receivers are still up there on the plays to get it done. On the other side, Ray can pull the stops out too.

West: picked Calgary, Tate comes to mind stepping up his game much like Lulay did when he stepped up and proved he's the Lions guy. Lions will be coming big time to get to Tate so thus the Stampeders are in tough on that front. On the other side, Chapdelaine has the Lions offense well prepared as does Stubler with his group.

:cowboy: :rockin:

I pick Montreal at home to win the East.
2. I pick Saskatchewan to win over B.C. in the west because all Riders fans will be dreaming this in their dreams anyhow! :wink:
When we wake up the Lions at home will smack the Stamps.

Riders will Rule
in 2013!!! :cowboy: :rockin: :thup: :smiley: :lol:

I love it for Snowboarding and skiing :slight_smile: Bad weather makes team go to ground and it would be a disadvantage for certain teams. I don't like the weather becoming the major player in deciding who the Champion is.

I am cheering for nobody. I will watch the games faithfully and enjoy them but I really do not care who wins.

I would suggest that if there were suspect calls that benefitted Toronto, only an idiot would believe that the conspiracy theorists would not be vocal. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am wise enough to recognize that many are, right or wrong.

One of my favourite Grey Cups games is the '96 game in snowy Hamilton. Hamilton in December and it was snowing, who woulda thought. :wink: And I don't care what anybody says Flutie didn't fumble. 8)

He did throw one pass on second and long where he was 2 or 3 yards passed the line of scrimmage though. :cowboy:

I'm hoping the Argos get into the Grey Cup by taking it to the Als. If they're on their game they have a chance with Ricky Ray at the helm. Of course I'm also hoping the Lions win their second Grey Cup game in a row. As far as Mitchell is concerned I'm not going to let one guy on a roster of 42 spoil my party or rain on my parade. In fact I'll be cheering the guy on if the guy makes a a positive contribution to the cause.

How could you tell with all that white stuff on the field?

Great game though, snowed all game, lots of offense, Jimmie "The Jet" Cunningham and that amazing Eddie Brown catch.

Good for you Beagle, for still backing your team, despite one guy... its too bad FYB can't say the same thing, because he decided that he wouldn't cheer for the Lions because of Jason Jimenez was still on the team... you don't throw an entire team under the bus for the sake of one guy.... a few on Esksfans.com that were Tillman haters need to learn the same lesson.

Only rooting for Calgary because of Drew Tate, that guy is a baller and a great QB for the future. East I'm going for Toronto but I almost want Montreal to win it all because I think Calvillo will FINALLY retire haha