Who are worse? - Argos or Maple Leafs???

Here is the million dollar question. How is worse?? Your vote pleassssssssse! :lol: :? :stuck_out_tongue: :oops: :roll: :wink:

That should read WHO is worse leafs or argos?

... or maybe what are worse argos or leafs?????????????

…Arenogoods are not looking too good…Maple Laughs are coming in a close second…Oh to be living in the centre of the universe…I actually feel sorry for those fans there…then again…//// :expressionless:

Argo's and Leaf's both blow severely in their respective league's. Go Cat's Go and Go Flames Go, nuff said :smiley:

Even Toronto FC might miss the playoffs.. that leaves only the Craptors to save Toronto from total disaster... :lol: :lol:

I wonder if the Leafs will win 3 games this year like the Argos? :lol: :lol: :lol:

To have the same winning %, the Leafs would have to win 22 games.. might be a tall order..

But come on, they signed Hedo!!! ... The sooner the Raptors crumble, the sooner we can dump Bryan "I can't save this team to save my life but my ego refuses to let me accept that" Colangelo. :wink:

Nowhere to go but up for both. Burke is the best man for the job in Leafland. They'll be contending soon enough. It's not like the Argos were crushed last night. In fact they've been blown out only three times this year, twice by Montreal, one of those by 19 points. The Argos aren't mathematically eliminated. Stranger things have happened.

when the stamps won the grey cup against winnipeg, they got in the playoffs on like, the last game. and then won. so you are right, anything is possible. and some of there games are real posisble wins for them. My question is, are you willing to stgick with andrus as a coach next year regardless of what happens this year, or do you want him gone?

The '97 Riders were 8-10 in the regular season and made it to the Grey Cup. Unfortunately for them they had to face the best team ever. I don't think many coaches should be given a year or less to turn a team around. Let's see him bring in some more of his own type of guys before he's completely hung out to dry. Andrus' fate should be up to the GM, owners (assuming they see all and know all) and not a homer like me. I want to see some creative playcalling, mobile QB's who can throw downfield and be built around among other things that everyone needs. Take less penalties and protect the ball. If the offense isn't consistent into next year, then maybe Damon Allen or Dave Dickenson should be closer to a headset.

The Argo owners were lucky in their first year to win it and that's just because they had Damon Allen there, ever since it's been a slide towards the bottom to replace this legend. Allen out there now would probably give them just as good of a chance of winning as Pickett or Joseph. The Argos I believe will remain at the bottom of the league for years to come, just like the Leafs will also I think.

at least the almost got the wild cat perfected.

On The Reporters, Dave Hodge asked, which number is higher, the Leafs' points in the standings, or Argo TD passes in the last six games? I forget who it was who guessed that they were the same, but was wrong. The answer: The Leafs, who have one point in the standings.